Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2008

Being in the underwear business and having the latin fever. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to highlight Brazil’s National Underwear Day. Twenty seven half-naked models took over the streets of Brasília to celebrate the second annual National Underwear Day.

Brazilian’s are known worldwide for being some of the hottest people on Earth! So why shouldn’t they strip down almost butt naked and flaunt it.



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4 responses to “Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2008

  1. ohh yea.. why not…!! 🙂

  2. Taylor

    I love these pics
    and the underwear was great too!

    keep up the good work disco
    great blog
    i love checking in and seeing all your new stuff

    PS- did you by chance partake in or just “highlight” this fantastic event?

  3. No. I wish I was in Brazil!!! Maybe next year I can partake in their holiday. These photos are from last year’s. Did you check out the photos from 2009?

    Thanx for the compliment and visiting the blog.

  4. Taylor

    Yeah i did, and … wow
    those guys really know how to look good in underwear,

    One of these years i hope to join their ranks!
    haha, if only i was already

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