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Manufacturing your dreams!

The search for a manufacturer is nearing an end, the race is between two full service manufacturing firms. 1 June, I should have the manufacturer picked! This by far has been the most difficult process of the entire creation of Disco Valante.

However, if anybody knows of any kick ass manufacturing firms. Send me an email.

Let your passion lead you!


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Disco Valante in Dubai

Disco Valante is here in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) making contacts and more importantly getting investment cash from my Bentley driving, over privileged, oil rich buddies.

I know many people have been trying to contact me via other website accounts. However, because of the censorship of the internet in the UAE, I can’t access several of my accounts until I return on 13MAY. Disco Valante values all it’s customers, partners, and employes so please be patient with my lack of response.

Off to the camel races!

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Straight(ish) Boy Confesses

Disco Valante lets his best friend give his candid confession of being borderline gay.

“I thought a guy that is into fashion, into facials and spas was obviously `gay` and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, I soon came to the realization that I was absolutely wrong. Although I am not rushing to have apple martinis (I prefer peach mojitos) and facials after a night of clubbing at the `in` crowd bars, I realized that I am (I cannot believe I am about to say this), a closet metrosexual. At first it was somewhat of a shock but as I further delved into my soul and bathroom, I realized that I do get a haircut more than once a month and I usually ask for the latest Beckham or Zac Efron style, I buy GQ to see the latest styles, I have more cologne then necessary, I like art and theatre and I actually like shopping. I know I am definitely straight-(ish) so the conclusion is that I am obviously metrosexual. Probably not a full fledged metrosexual but clearly on my way.”

Erik is a good buddy for being apart of my blog and allowing me to make fun of him. Hard to believe but Erik isn’t a model. He’s actually an officer in the US Navy working as an Explosive Ordanance and Disposal Officer…he builds and disables bombs!


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Inspirations of Style

For style inspirations you may want to look at magazines, fashion books or internet sites. Look carefully at how the clothes are put together and how they make it work? When I’m not traveling around the world, I frequently buy domestic and foriegn fashion magazines to keep in touch with what’s happening and attain fresh ideas.

Do you have a friend who is always effortlessly chic? Well ask your friend for help. Don’t be shy. Even when you see a stranger on the street that has a great T-shirt or a cool pair of sneakers, go up to him and ask where he purchased them. He’ll be flattered and gladly tell you where to shop!

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Disco Valante does Adele

Disco Valante being a new brand and having a place in my heart for other unknown artists, I have to introduce you to some great non-main stream vocals. I’ve been listening to this wonderful Soul/Pop singer from England. Her name is Adele. Put ’19’, the debut album by this London songstress, on and people are going to be immediately asking “Who is this?!”. The acoustic soul melodies of Adele will make any lazy Sunday morning or dinner party between good friends perfect.

Check out her MySpace page, .

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Metrosexuals…gay guys at heart

Where all my “metrosexuals” at?  These men aren`t afraid to shop for clothes or spend time in the hair salon to get a cool do.  Metrosexuals care about grooming: they get waxed, manicured and have a regular skin care regime.  This new generation of straight boys who have a gay sense of fashion have old men, everywhere, shaking their heads in disgust.

What ever became of the “man`s man”?  laments one older gentleman at Disco Valante headquarters. “Back in our day, we had war and were fighting to survive and put food on the table.  Now all the boys have gone soft.  Pretty soon they will be wearing makeup”!  And wearing make-up they are indeed! Men`s cosmetics are already on the market and sell especially well in major cities.  

Even though this may seem shocking, alot of ladies are pleased that men are finally giving a damn about how they look. 

The metrosexual man is the ultimate product of modern times.


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Homies for life

I don’t know about you, but my friends and I love grab assin’. There’s nothing like kickin’ it with buddies and letting go.

I don’t believe in having associates, life-long friendships are what I build. There is nothing comparable to spending time in the company of good friends while eating good food, sipping mixed drinks and filling our hearts with laughter while we discuss bullshit.

Disco Valante, is a more than a clothing label. It is an entity that exudes style. And meaningful relationships are at the heart of true style and well being.

To my friends who support me in my quest to live the impossible dream, I love you!

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