Disco Valante’s Fitness 101 – Biceps

Styles may come and go but a hard body is always in fashion!  Regardless of what Disco Valante Tshirt you purchase, you’ll look great.  However, nothing makes a Tshirt look better than killer biceps peeking out from underneath those sleeves.  We want you, our customer, to be the envy of everyone and having guns like tennis champion, Raphael Nadal, will help.

Being a gym rat myself, I want to help you look your best.  To really make those biceps look nice and firm, try preacher curls.

Position for the preacher curl

1. While seated on a preacher bench, hold your arms over the pad, keeping your back straight and head level.

2. Grasp a barbell in an underhand grip and extend your arms.

Execution of the preacher curl

1. Curl your arms up to your chin and then slowly extend your arms back down. Do not bounce the weight at the bottom portion of the movement. Raise and repeat.

2. Keep the movement fluent, slow, and controlled.


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