Disco Valante does Kelly Rowland

We are music lovers here at Disco Valante.  Headquarters in always bumping something fun and different.  Disco Valante is going to try to widen your musical pallet from time to time. 

Lately, I can’t get enough of Work (Freemasons Remix), the single from Kelly Rowland.  She is finally stepping out from the shadow of Beyonce Knowles’ formidable ass and standing on her own… Well, almost. 🙂 

Needless to say, the the Freemasons re-mix version of Work is far superior than her original version.  But while other people are hearing an ethnic-influenced riff, I can only hear a variation on the Knight Rider theme. That’s not a bad thing, just an observation – the Knight Rider theme has been used successfully in pop music before. 

Anyway, Work displays a more mature, self confident and sexual Kelly Rowland singing suggestive lyrics about putting things in, whatever that means *blush*.

All the same, the Freemasons have turned this song into a fantastic floor-filler.  Needless to say, Disco Valante approves!


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