The Definition of Style

What Is Style?

Style is a vibe, a look, or feel a person exudes, almost like an invisible force.  Style usually caries a positive conotation, however, style can also be bad.   Is someone debonair, bohemian or street trendy?   Or are they messy, ghetto or flashy?  When someone says I like your style, it usually refers to a person`s actions and demeanor, not just to a person`s clothes.

So, how does one get style?  If you are tall, fit, with a bubble butt and bulges in the all the right places, and sportin’ a supermodel face you can probably make a potato sack look good.  However, I have seen some physically beautiful people with zero style.  Good looks only take you so far, unfortunately it’s usually to the top…LOL! However, most of the general public usually needs help looking stylish.  Contrary to popular belief, style is not just about having the “it” leather jacket, following the latest trends or wearing brand name clothes (though sometimes it helps!).  Real style is an innate sense of knowing what works for you.   Are you artsy?   Are you a business executive, a party animal, or a sporty, gym rat type? Do you usually dine out at fancy restaurants and attend swanky charity events or do you like to go out clubbing?  It’s all about do you have the confidence it takes to pull off a certain look, having command presence when you walk into a room, and ultimately being who you want to be.


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