Metrosexuals…gay guys at heart

Where all my “metrosexuals” at?  These men aren`t afraid to shop for clothes or spend time in the hair salon to get a cool do.  Metrosexuals care about grooming: they get waxed, manicured and have a regular skin care regime.  This new generation of straight boys who have a gay sense of fashion have old men, everywhere, shaking their heads in disgust.

What ever became of the “man`s man”?  laments one older gentleman at Disco Valante headquarters. “Back in our day, we had war and were fighting to survive and put food on the table.  Now all the boys have gone soft.  Pretty soon they will be wearing makeup”!  And wearing make-up they are indeed! Men`s cosmetics are already on the market and sell especially well in major cities.  

Even though this may seem shocking, alot of ladies are pleased that men are finally giving a damn about how they look. 

The metrosexual man is the ultimate product of modern times.



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3 responses to “Metrosexuals…gay guys at heart

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  2. How true are the comments of the “older” gentleman. However, times are changing, life gets more hectic and demanding, lifestyle brings up new trends and as such people, straight or gay [why someone has to use these labels?] need to look more good than what they are.

    Although someone may say “it’s not the clothing that make the man” [here in Greece we have an old and wise saying ‘it’s not the priest’s clothing that make the priest] keeping and looking good is a must nowdays. Physical appearance, healthy attitudes, taking care of your skin, and everything that a metrosexual man does, it’s not a sin! It’s part of our daily life.

    If interested to learn more about a metrosexual’s trends, feel free to browse through my blog at There you may find some interesting articles to get you started!

    Cheers from Athens!

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