Straight(ish) Boy Confesses

Disco Valante lets his best friend give his candid confession of being borderline gay.

“I thought a guy that is into fashion, into facials and spas was obviously `gay` and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, I soon came to the realization that I was absolutely wrong. Although I am not rushing to have apple martinis (I prefer peach mojitos) and facials after a night of clubbing at the `in` crowd bars, I realized that I am (I cannot believe I am about to say this), a closet metrosexual. At first it was somewhat of a shock but as I further delved into my soul and bathroom, I realized that I do get a haircut more than once a month and I usually ask for the latest Beckham or Zac Efron style, I buy GQ to see the latest styles, I have more cologne then necessary, I like art and theatre and I actually like shopping. I know I am definitely straight-(ish) so the conclusion is that I am obviously metrosexual. Probably not a full fledged metrosexual but clearly on my way.”

Erik is a good buddy for being apart of my blog and allowing me to make fun of him. Hard to believe but Erik isn’t a model. He’s actually an officer in the US Navy working as an Explosive Ordanance and Disposal Officer…he builds and disables bombs!



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9 responses to “Straight(ish) Boy Confesses

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  2. Dang. He’s good to me…and good for him for not being ashamed to admit it!

    Trey – maybe if you and I push really hard, we can knock him over into our category.

  3. Dorian

    My best friend (he’s str8) once said that he’d probably have tried being with a guy just for experimentation purposes if he hadn’t gotten married. Dammit. If only he’d’ve said it BEFORE getting married. Ah well.

    Your Erik’s smile is amazing.

  4. arab_dubai

    im ali male 27 from dubai

    call me (Ali’s phone number)

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  7. ali

    i love disco and woman

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