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Erik’s “Brazil”-ian Booty

My best friend Erik just randomly sent me a pic to post on this blog. I thought to myself, “How strange”. Don’t you think? The fact of the matter is this straight-ish boy loves the attention of all his gay admirers. Since I have no objections to exploiting my brother for financial gain and notoriety, I decided to display him and his “Brazil” underwear.

Additionally, I must congratulate Erik. Today, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. It seemed like only yesterday that we were at the Naval Academy. As a senior, I took this young underclassman under my wing to groom him into the fine naval officer he is today.

Congrats again, Erik! Love you!

Check out Erik getting electrocuted during training today.



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Can you be cool while riding a modep in America?

Although this entry does not have anything to do with fashion, your choice of vehicular transportation can speak lots about your style…very superficial, I know!

I’ve been in the Middle East since the beginning of the year and I cringe every time I look at gas prices in the States. It cost more for a Coke here, in the Middle East, than for a liter of gas!

I find my self looking for alternative driving solutions when I return to Washington, DC. I’m thinking about getting a moped to drive around the city. However, not having the right mode of vehicular transportation in the US is a social liability. Not to mention, the possibility of screwing up my clothes.

In Europe and Asia you can have a supermodel holding you tightly while on the back of your moped as you cruise through town. Not in the states buddy! I think as Americans we view mopeds as toys for young teenage boys and a novelty to rent while on a beach vacation.

Will I lose my social status if I start cruising around town on a Vespa? Or should I not care and buy one in protest of extreme gasoline prices? What should I do?


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Queerty interviews Disco Valante

Andrew Belonsky and the other fine people at Queerty have taken notice of Disco Valante. I have to admit I’m blushing because I’ve been getting so much support from the GLBT community. The interest from this one post has sent my blog hits and email inquires through the roof.

Queerty is the gay blog. There’s just no other way to say it. With its sharp eye for news, entertainment, shopping, fashion, and travel for the GLBT community, Queerty reaches an audience of upwardly mobile gay men and women who have long since abandoned traditional (and staid) gay media. When it comes to independent gay media, Queerty is at the top — which explains why the public awarded Queerty the Best GLBT Blog honor at the 2006 Bloggies.

I am really appreciative of the interest in my small dream.

Please check out their awesome blog, Queerty!

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Who really wears jockstraps?

I love buying new underwear. However, I have never purchased a jockstrap. I understand the need for one in sports and that this could be the desired attire for a “power” bottom getting ready for play time. But is there anyone who actually wears a jock strap in everyday living? If you do, is it because it’s comfortable or that you are a horny bastard? I don’t think I could just have my ass hanging out in the breeze all day.

Even though my initial fall line doesn’t have any jockstraps in the collection, I’m open to giving the people what they want.

Disco Valante wants to know how YOU feel about jockstraps and if you wear them.


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Tired of that baby face?

Stubble, a well groomed light hint of facial hair, can make you look rugged or even refined, depending on which way you wear it. Designer stubble is one of the lasting facial hair trends that works for so many different men.

Stubble is a rugged way to add interest to your face without sporting a full beard, and it has a dashing, almost dangerous appeal that mustaches and goatees simply don’t have.

What can stubble do for you?

• Do you have a “baby face” with rounded cheeks? Stubble can give your jaw a more angular look, and minimize a soft jaw or double chin.

• Do you dislike overly formal environments and wearing suits every day? Stubble adds that edge to your appearance that many men crave, and in an increasingly casual work environment, can be acceptable in your office. Just be sure to groom regularly!

Stubble defines itself amongst other facial hair looks by its staying power. It’s not a flash-in-the-pan type of trend, and although it has been more popular these past few years, it’s a look that will never truly disappear.


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Neon Rocks!

Thriller and Billie Jean ruled the airwaves. Knight Rider and the A-Team dominated television ratings. Rubik’s Cube, Pong and Pac-Man were the games to have. Bring back the 80’s!

Disco Valante loves that 80’s fashion has crept back into main stream. However, clothes in the 80’s had a tendency to hurt your eyes. In more ways than one. One such trend was neon colored clothes. Neon colors are cool but people in the 80’s failed in one aspect of fashion…wearing too damn much of it.

To pull off neon today, don’t over do it! Neon can best accentuate an outfit when displayed in the accessories. Set off a great outfit with a pair of neon colored patent leather kicks (shoes). Or a white T that has neon colored graphic designs paired with a pair of dark denim and a cool white belt. Even a pair of fun and sexy neon colored men’s underwear from your favorite designer Disco Valante can bring excitement to your birthday suit! Like everything else, success is in the details.

Fashion is suppose to be fun and wearable.


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American boy, Cameron, wears Speedos

The blog entry about American guys only wearing board shorts has generated numerous hits.  My friend Cameron (aka Tuffie) enjoyed the discussion so much he felt compelled to carry the topic to his personal blog.  I snatched his posted pic off his blog.  Cameron isn’t afraid to sport his speedos at Toronto Pride.  But since he wasn’t actually in America, should we give him credit?  BTW…killer tan!

Show him some love and check out his blog, Tuffie’s Rants and Raves, where he rants about everything and anything in his personal life in Washington, DC.


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