Disco Valante instructs on “How to Wear Pink”

The soon-to-be men’s underwear juggernaut, Disco Valante, holds yet another fashion class. Today’s subject is pink.

Pink is a great color. It’s unexpected, daring, and it compliments a man’s character of confidence. Pink can announce your presence better than any diamond studded necklace worn by Diddy, and it can do it with more flash.

Here are some suggestions to pull of pink.

A well-fitting polo shirt gives you one of the most masculine silhouettes possible–it highlights your arms, chest, and physique. Solid tees are also great, since you can wear them separately or layer with another shirt as a bold accent color.

Pink is a great way to get people’s attention at work, since few men wear pink to the office. Make sure it fits (not too baggy). As long as the shirt isn’t too bright patterns are OK.

For the few that are daring, pink sear sucker pinstripe pants can add a huge punch to your normally-overlooked lower half. Dress them up with a fitted white linen shirt, brown belt, and a low profile brown leather driving loafer and your off for Sunday brunch at the chic local cafe.

Pink is only for the daring and can make a very masculine statement but like all fashion statements has to be done right.

Class dismissed.

(Erik thanx for letting me use your pic. If your best friend can’t exploit you, then who can?)


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