If you don’t own white jeans you are…WRONG!

Lot’s of guys (the unfashionable ones) frown at the thought of wearing white jeans. Occasionally, you can spot white jeans in magazines during the spring and summer. However, I’ve never seen any guy in America actually wear them. I don’t know why we American guys have such a hard time experimenting with fashion because white jeans are so “pimp”. Like all jeans, as long as you have the correct cut and shoes (this is a whole other topic I will address) they WILL work.

White jeans can be worn with surprisingly versatile looks for spring and summer. Don’t think that your favorite pair can only be worn with a pastel polo shirt and tennis shoes…very Lacoste! While that is a possibility, you can also try bright fitted T’s and flip flops. But I perfer high brown leather boots or kick ass lace-ups that have turned up toes and a “worn” look.

Here are some suggestions to rock out white jeans-

• Wear white jeans with black. With the right look, this interesting graphic combination can be bold for night.

• White is perfect for the summer, so try your jeans with everything from dress shoes to bare feet. Hell, it’s hot…go shirtless if you have the body!

• Avoid coordinating with completely white tennis shoes to escape the bore of all white look.

• Wear your white jeans beltless. The clean line of these classic jeans will be emphasized.

• Don’t obsess about potential staining of your white denim. Wear them and try not to worry too much about making marks on your jeans. Just don’t wear them if there is any chance of rain and DO NOT wear them with patterned underwear that will show thru…very tacky and ruins your entire look!



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5 responses to “If you don’t own white jeans you are…WRONG!

  1. fguo

    white jeans are perfect to take off when having sex on the beach! I love white jeans but there hard to find.

  2. Fguo,

    I’ve never had sex on the beach however white jeans do rock! I have at least three pair sitting in my closet now. I love wearing them because I am usually the only guy with them on and that makes me stand out…I’m an attention whore.

  3. Pedro

    Hey I just got a new white jean, it was a gift from grandma. I’ve never weared one before, though I’ve always weared blue jeans, I even got one green, but this is my first white, and I like it, but I’m not sure what to wear along. Any suggestions?

  4. Anthony G.

    I think white jeans are the boom. They’re the boom boom, in fact..! yeah..?
    My friends at work think I don’t have style, yeah- they say I’m locked in the 80’s, but i know i am hip, yeah?
    Me Julie think so too..Yeah?
    She does my hair in the mornings and she say I’m gonna look well buff when I bust them on my holidays.

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