A Man’s Scent…the Invisible Outfit.

I love it when that special someone tells me I smell good. The delight I receive as a person steps closer to be allured by my fragrance (which happens to be Dunhill London at the moment), me makes me fell sexy to no end.

I personally believe that the way a man smells tell so much about him. A man who pays daily attention to his aroma and not just when he goes to da’ club says he is detailed oriented. Your aroma is literally your invisible outfit. I don’t care what designer threads you wear…if you don’t smell nice your presence is incomplete and lost.

Disco Valante is going to help you with some instructions on how to choose and apply a fragrance for maximum effect!

Choosing Your Fragrance

Keep in mind that a fragrance has three distinct notes that will slowly appear as you go through your day. If you choose your scent by simply smelling it in the store, you are missing out on two of the important notes that set your fragrance apart from others.

The first “top” note from your fragrance will be sharp and, as the one you notice most, it will attract attention. But after you apply your frangrance and the second note begins to come through, you’ll begin to enjoy the “heart note”. This leaves the most lasting impression, so when you’re planning on choosing your signature scent, allow it to settle and evaporate before making a final decision regarding your fragrance.

Lastly, you’ll be left to enjoy the “base” note. This deep and lingering scent will stick around as a permanent and lasting impression of your fragrance. When shopping for a new signature fragrance, be sure to spray a mist of scent on sample cards and take them with you to experience the three notes to their fullest.

• Don’t be afraid of newer fragrances with untraditional notes! Embrace fruity and floral notes as well as refreshing oceanic scents for summer.
• Keep in mind that Eau de Toilette spray will last around 3 to 4 hours, while Eau de Cologne should last around 2 hours.

How to Apply Scent

• Spray fragrance from a distance of around 15 centimeters from your skin.

• Be sure NOT to rub the skin after you spray or dab on your fragrance. This will alter the scent significantly.

• If fragrance is not in spray bottle, avoid “splashing”. It will really overpower you and everyone in your vicinity. Should take one finger and press it against the opening of your bottle, and then tip it over gently.

• The usual areas of application are the wrists, neck, chest, and thighs. Remember, don’t overdo it!

Hints and Tips

• Maximize the life of your fragrance bottle by storing it away from light. Stash it in a drawer or cupboard in a cool, dry place for it to last its longest.

• Do NOT apply to your clothes. The scent will disappear quickly and could stain your clothes.

• Make your scent last longer by using a coordinating shower gel or soap by the same brand, and an unscented aftershave and moisturizer so there’s no competition with your scent.

• Experiment a little with your choices and don’t get stuck in a rut. New fragrances are released every year, and it’s worth taking advantage of cool new colognes and switching it up a bit.

Unless you are someone’s grandfather, stay away from musk scents!!!


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One response to “A Man’s Scent…the Invisible Outfit.

  1. Lio

    Loved this blog!
    I do love a man who smells good!

    I think hygiene should always be paramount. And you’re right…good to look at but not to sniff isn’t exactly what you would call a killer tactic to make a lasting impression!

    An ex of mine smelled so good all the time, but most especially in the morning. A mix of his freshly washed body (I believe his soap was Lever 2000) with his crisp Tide washed shirt, hints of the coffee he’s been drinking, a spritz of Polo Blue, and surprisingly a hint of cigarette smoke. They all seem to work together, and it drove me nuts with excitement!!! Wonder if we could bottle all those smells? -lol


    P.S. My personal scent is Lacoste Essential ^_^

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