Disco Valante’s 5 tips for clear skin!

Getting acne, especially when you’re in your 20s and beyond, can be frustrating. If you are trying your luck in the dating scene or looking for that next big break at your job, try these tips to get things under control.

1. Consider Retin-A, especially if you live out of the country. You can find this product over-the-counter at pharmacies everywhere but the U.S., and it will keep your skin soft and perfectly supple.

2. Sleep on it. You’ll be amazed at how much better your skin looks when you sleep. Already get enough sleep?  Change your pillowcase every few days to avoid grinding dirt and oil into your skin.

3. Go natural. It doesn’t hurt to try out new products, and you may actually make your skin worse if you try too hard to “cure” it with harsh products. When you strip your skin of oil, you’ll notice that your skin works double-time to produce extra oils to balance things. Instead, wash your face at night and apply your usual products, but then only rinse your skin with tepid water in the morning. You’ll find that your skin won’t act up during the day if you treat it nicely at night.

4. Get your blemish bomb on. Buy on-the-spot acne treatments that work overnight. Or use a high-quality natural clay face mask to dry out larger pimples and draw out impurities—this will wash off fast without hurting your skin.

5. Avoid acne washes if you usually get spot breakouts. Your skin could be getting worse because of it! Acne washes can coat your skin and cause buildup, which could lead to trapped oil and yes—more breakouts! Break your ties with industrial-strength acne wash and go for something gentler, like a foaming face wash.

Even if you find just one tip here on this list, you could improve your skin dramatically. Why not give them a try?


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