Greece takes notice of Disco Valante

Word about Disco Valante is spreading like wildfire. This men’s underwear and T-shirt label has made it to the shores of Athens, Greece. I’ve been to Greece, during a college summer vacation, and it’s a Mediterranean paradise with great food, friendly people, and fantastic beaches…swimsuits optional. 😉

Our friends at A Web (not paper) Magazine have discovered this clothing label and put the word out. I’d like to thank the blog moderator, George (aka grhomeboy), for taking the time out his busy schedule and writing about this clothing label.

Don’t forget to visit his blog!


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One response to “Greece takes notice of Disco Valante

  1. Lio

    Perhaps you could point me to the right direction.
    I’ve been trying to find these blue vintage square-cut shorts with white belt circa 40s – 50s? Know which one’s I’m talkin’ bout? Josh Hartnett wore them in a beach scene in the movie “Pearl Harbor”.

    Any help you could give will be appreciated!!! THANKS!!! ^_^


    P.S. I’m a size 27-28 *snicker*

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