Why do American guys only wear board shorts?

The summer is upon us and beach seaon is about to begin. Mix hot weather, sand and water and you’ve got an excuse to get wet, get drunk and show skin at the beach.

Girls flaunt their bodies in their skimpy two pieces while playing volleyball but American blokes stick to baggy, horribly patterned board shorts while chuggin’ beers. On the beaches of southern France, Rio, and Tokyo, young guys, like those two Brazilians above, are sporting speedos and other cool form fitting swimwear.

Disco Valante wants YOU to give us your opinion why men’s beach apparel is so different in the US. Why do American guys gravitate toward board shorts? Is it becaue America was founded by prudish Puritans that passed down their conservative views of sex and sexuality that made them outcast in sex crazed Europe?

Add a comment!

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53 responses to “Why do American guys only wear board shorts?

  1. Lio

    I, personally, love the square-cut shorts, I’d even look for the vintage ones.

    I think it’s the influence of conservatism in the US that has brought us to the use of boardshorts away from just a convenience when actually surf boarding. Boardshorts were designed to be quick drying and durable enough to withstand rubbing against the board over time. Somehow, it became a fashion trend. I remember when men used to were square cuts, short shorts, and even tangas (speedos) at the beach. (remember all those cheesy beach blanket party movies?)

    Anyway, I think it’s also the over masculinity or machisimo mentality that’s preventing men (straight men mostly) from exploring the beauty that is the short shorts. Being ridiculed as being too femmie looking, or teased with “…look like a fag in those!” We all know this is stems out of their own insecurities and sexuality. And also could be the fact that some just aren’t “packing” enough that they’re afraid to “model” it out for public view (newsflash: you don’t have to have a great big ol’ shlong to make these kinds of swim wear fashionable OR acceptable)

    That’s what I think. Personally I miss my tan lace-up shorties that I bought back in Rehoboth Beach several Labor Days ago. Sure I got some weird looks from the “jocks”, but most would have to admit that they looked great matched with my long sleeved shirt! ^_^

  2. American men had always and will always be fashion backwards

    we’re a country of prudes for crying out loud!

    it’s something in the water here…that or we’re just stupid

    i’m going to throw up a sister blog to this about my experience rocking some very skimpy swim trucks while at a pool party in Toronto for Pride last summer (yes pictures will be provided)

    anyone who knows me knows while i don’t rock the board shorts, i don’t do the skimpy swim trunks either and i only rock Speedos when doing laps at the pool

    but it was a very liberating experience and i did get some lovely attention seeing how with a little bit of water everyone knew i wasn’t Jewish @_@

    but i do agree Disco, there is a major stigma among American men that makes most of them hide their package/body as if ashamed of it whereas women have a unlimited array of clothing options to help accentuate their external qualities and find zero shame in doing so.

    why shouldn’t men have very well made and sexy looking swimwear too? why shouldn’t men who spend quality time at the gym, live active lives, and who eat and take care of themselves not flaunt the fruits of their labor via showing off a rockin bod while taking in the sun at the beach?

    so, for once, I agree with you. I’m still not with you on the white jeans lover…though anything is possible


  3. Hi

    I’m not American, I’m Belgian.

    Even if tight swimwear is less not done in Europe, board shorts are more common

    Why? Well, I can think of several reasons
    – Thight swimwear is too gay for plain straight people
    – Thight swimwear only looks good on good looking people (no beer belly!). Let’s face it: Board shorts are more forgiving.
    – The wrong idea that lose clothes give more liberty of movement. It’s not true, but that’s the perception.

    I think it’s a shame that tight swimwear is frown upon. Because good looking people should wear tight swimwear, briefs, …. I’m allergic to loose boxers, so ugly 😛

  4. Tommy

    I agree with just about everything people have said above, esp. Benjamin when he says “tight swimwear only looks good on good looking people”. I think that one of the main reasons men in America don’t wear tight swimwear is because the men who do try to pull it off fail horribly. It’s mean, but true for most people, whether because it’s the “wrong fit” or if the men need to be in better shape. So all that negative stigma doesn’t help.

    Also, young good looking men, esp in small towns and more rural areas, don’t know how to dress themselves. They tend to stick to baggier clothes or more converative fashion.

  5. Devlin

    One word … Homophobia

  6. I just hate the BOARD Shorts.
    Looks like a guy wearing short pants.
    How goofy it must look to get a guy naked, and see his body tanned from the kees down, white from the knees to the waist and then tanned from the waist to the head.
    Just goofy

  7. David

    Because in North America it’s all trends. Never mind that speedos was what nearly all Americans wore just a couple of decades ago. It is no longer in fashion and therefore it must be repudiated.

    Europeans, while following the fashion scene, will not ridicule you just because you wear something that is a little bit outdated. Of course if you wear the type of clothes worn in the Middle Age, you will be made fun of, even in Europe. But Europeans won’t give you problems just because you wear something that was the trend in the 1970s or 1980s.

  8. William Baker

    I am American. I am not a prude. Please, live and let live guys. To each his own. I do not start questioning the belief system of europeans when they come to MY South Carolina to go on the beach with their junk straining to fall out of their little banana hammocks. I really do not like for my kids to have to look at the hairy fat guy from Deutschland with a speedo and a stiffy. Watch your kids and your swimsuits. Pedophiles and wiener thong police on the beach.

    • Bruce M.

      Oh….that’s just TOO FUNNY!!! LMFAO!

    • Sarah Cameron

      William Baker:

      You say: “I am not a prude. Then you contradict yourself when you say, “I do not want my kids to look at the hairy fat guy…” If that doesn’t spell “prude”, then what does? If you weren’t as you claim not to be, then you wouldn’t care who sees what, kids included. Your attitude is spelled out all through your comment.

  9. Steve

    I am also american, raised on the east coast. Every year I see tourist coming from all points across the atlantic and I must say, Kudos to them all! Americans believe that you shouldn’t wear too much to the beach but we generally frown upon those that dont wear enough…make up your minds already. Either you want a tan or you dont. I however enjoy wearing a squarecut style swimsuit on the beach regardless of what the background conversationist my say. If I were in brazil I would fit right in with the locals and in the past, american men wore alot of the squarecut style swimsuits. Have we forgot about the Ocean Pacific (OP) shorts of yesteryear guys? No one wants to admit they had a pair but you know who you are. The younger generations are being pushed into an era where guys dont have a say in what they wear to the beach because of the threat of being called gay. Today boardshorts are the norm. I a decade or two we will be wearing pants as the norm. Sometimes you have to step out of the box…and the boardshorts. How many more decisions will be made for us before we decide to change the present and future of clothing for ourselves….or are you going to keep letting mommy dress you?

  10. Chris

    I just stumbled onto this posting. I’m straight and married and I have observed this: Women typically (not always, but typically) don’t have the same sex drive as men. Most (again, not all, but most) women don’t want to be reminded of a man’s masculinity by seeing his outlined or emphasized man-parts. They want to be reminded of masculinity by seeing an athletic build or muscle, or a scruffy looking kinda rugged face (for the adults. For teenagers it’s a little different). A lot of it is probably biological. I understand, un-married women or single women will get turned on by most of the same things as a man, but a while after they get married or when they’ve been in a committed relationship for a while, many women focus on other things to get turned on, and the parts that make them pregnant are not usually at the top of the list.

    Men tend to be different, they want to see the sex-parts. We’ll be forgiving about other features if the sexy bits are doing great. Since most men are straight and trying to attract women, they’ll wear what makes them attractive to women. Look up any opinion postings about what women think of speedos/swim briefs and you’ll find out that most are turned off by them. This puts the majority of men in boardshorts/trunks and causes the minority to feel awkward in front of both straight men and most women.

    Just my observations

    Me personally? I wear them under my boardshorts and take advantage of them to not have to use a towel to get out of my boardshorts and into a wetsuit on the beach. I’m working up the courage to wear them full-time while chilling with my wife on the beach, but I haven’t lived near the ocean in a few years and old habits and mindsets die hard.

  11. hello thus american sexy guys body are so………..and i like him.

  12. katie

    I echo what a poster above said – EVERY woman I know finds Speedos repulsive. It’s not because we’re prudes – it’s because women don’t generally have a desire to see a guy’s “stuff” – and men who wear Speedos look like they’re on their way to the nearest orgy or whorehouse. Speedos & other itty-bitty men’s swimsuits provide TOO much information!

  13. ed

    but its ok for women to leave to much out whether they are 12 to 70. All womens suits the world over are form fitted spandex. Somehow about the time when Reagan became president the trend in the U.S. went from shorts, speedos and squares cuts at the beach (as it continues else were in the world to this day) to over sized bulky, uncomfortable, heavy board shorts used before the 80’s only for surfers. I think it is a conservative prudish issue in the U.S. That is why american women think its funny and or too much info. The same women that will likely find just fine for women to wear barely there or less swimwear.

  14. Pat

    Two-thirds of American men are overweight. Boardshorts hide the the flabby figure, but not very well.

  15. David

    The Brazilian guys on your photo are not wearing speedos. They are wearing square leg suits. These square leg suits are becoming popular in the United States too. But who knows maybe the growing popularity of square legged suits could mean the beginning of the return of speedos in the United States. But I doubt so. Americans may socially accept square legged suits, but I don’t think they are ready to accept speedos like they use to in the 1970s. But never say never. Nothing is impossible.

  16. Tim

    The bloaks in the photo are more fashionable? Than who?? Wow, how long did Jean Paul Gaulthier toil in his workshop to come up with “Bleu” and “Noir”??? Lets get real. The guys are what’s good looking here, the trunks are nothing more than colored briefs.

    As an American boardshorter, i will also add a couple of reasons that i dont think have yet been mentioned. I prefer boardshorts for 2 main reasons:

    1) pockets. Unless I am with a girl who is toting a beach bag, i like pockets for keys/wallet/etc.

    2) I can wear the boardshorts to the beach/pool and after to eat/run errands/whatever. With squares or speedos, i would have to wear another pair of shorts over my swimsuit to and apres beach.

    Other than that, I think you would find it has nothing to do with being prude or puritanical. Plenty a’ boardshort are shed for skinny-dipping, mooning, and flashing. If you want to see how prude Americans really are, visit any N. American beach the second week of March.

    Not to mention, most American women are repulsed by the speedo/square short. That might not be the case if the guys in the photo above were the poster-children for speedos. However, at least in the States, they are not.

    Most of the square/speedo wearers we see here are the hairy, old, fat (usually European) smuggling 60 year old grapes with more hair than a gorilla. Hence the stigma.

    Which brings me to another topic. IF you chose to wear the skimpy trunks, TRIM your nethers!!!! My god, 90% of the repulsion is the unruly bush that explodes around the edges of the suit.

    So if you are thinking about switching to the square/speedo look, here is your to do list:

    1) get in shape
    2) already be tan
    3) shave your body

    If the checklist above is not strictly adhered to, the speedo will never be haute-couture Stateside.

    Personally, I am not sure what is so fashion-forward about briefs. It cracks me up how many Americans are so quick to crumble under the slightest European pressure. POSERS. Give me a break. “Oh, yeah, US Americans are so closed minded, stupid, and fasion-retarded.” Really?

    “Fashion”-wise, there is a lot more creativity put into boardshorts than any speedo. Choices of art, color, fabric are much more varied and you will often never see 2 people wearing the same one.

  17. JAS

    I echo a lot of what everyone says. I think so many folks think that shorter shorts and speedos are gay
    it is a shame the are definitely more comfortable
    I think so many guys are just uncomfortable wearing them in public afraid they are going to be judged as gay or too old or too fat
    Shorts look better on younger guys for sure but I think if more older guys just wore them you would get used to seeing them and not even notice

  18. Karen

    American guys wear board shorts because speedos have been associated to gay men since the second half of the 1980s. Since Americans have always historically been an intolerant people, it was bound to happen that they would soon reject a garment that they think “looks gay”. To this day, the best way you can insult a straight US guy is by mistaken him for a homo. Homophobia is very well present in the US, it simply has taken a more subtle form, just like racism.

  19. Tim

    I continue to laugh at all the comments concluding that Americans are more closed-minded, homophobic, and now more apparently more racist than the rest of the world.

    Can we not simply conclude that Americans might like different things than Europeans without one group or the other being “intolerant” or “ignorant”???

    Apparently not. Apparently, Americans are living in the stone-age. Tell me this: what other country in the WORLD is more culturally diverse than the States? Tell me how many American athletes are booed, have crap thrown at them on the field, or receive death threats because they are black??? (Samuel Eto’o , Thierry Henry, Marc Zoro, and on and on).

    I wish these truly ignorant posters who think America is the only country dealing with race/religion/culture issues would do some research.

    The truth is this… boardshorts became popular from surfing. Who looks cooler at the beach? The guy shredding waves, or the fat guy in short-shorts with a farmers’ tan?? That combined with the growing popularity of wakeboarding has lead to the explosion of boardshorts. If the “cool guys” on the water are wearing them, you know many others will want to be like them.

    And its not just swimwear. Our regular shorts have gotten longer too. How many guys do you see wearing khaki shorts above the knee anymore? Hardly any. Hell, my 68 year old Dad even wears his shorts at the knee now. Its a change in fashion and culture, bottom line.

    And don’t be so quick to blame Americans for longer shorts, either. The capri pants/shorts/whatever they are, came from Europe.

    I’ll get off my soapbox for now, but please drop the nonsense about ignorant/intolerant/racist Americans and how it relates to swim fashion, because it does not.

  20. Candice


    Speedos are repulsive, regardless of who they are on. I dont want to see anyones genitals and if that’s what you’re in to…bring some porn to the beach and have fun.

    That is all

  21. Karen

    Tim, Americans aren’t criticized because they prefer to wear board shorts over speedos. People are reacting because of Americans refusing to accept people who are different. You’re right for saying that different regions like different stuff. Americans like board shorts and Europeans like speedos. But Europeans will never mock someone for wearing board shorts. In fact, many young Europeans prefer board shorts to speedos. But you will hardly find a European mocking a guy in a speedo. Even the Europeans who hate speedos, will refrain of embarassing a guy for wearing one. But with Americans, if they hate something, then they have to bring you down for it because throughout their history Americans have always put down people who were different.

    I perfectly agree with you that there is absolutely nothing pleasant about an overweight man in a speedo. But if that’s what he wants to wear, then he should be able to wear it without people getting on his case. Most countries realize this, but not the US because of their intolerance and backward mentality. Just take a look at how many Americans still consider Islam to be a satanic religion.

  22. Karen

    Candice, have you even heard me saying that I liked speedos?

    The point I’m trying to make here is to each is own. After all we do live in a free country (supposely).

    You say that you don’t want to look at guy’s genitals, well don’t look at them. Simple as this.

  23. If a guy is in pretty good shape, and has shaved his privates,and is not too fat he should be able to wear a square cut suit. I don’t understand what all of the hype is because a guy who wants to wear a speedo or square cut at the beach. I am 37 years old and I am in good shape, I don’t look like a Calvin Klein underwear model ,but I look pretty good on the beach wearing a speedo or square cut. I would agree that it is such a double standard here in America that only a girl or woman can wear something skimpy but a guy gets weird looks if he wears a speedo. I agree with Karen. A person should be able to wear what ever he or she wants to wear, as long as it legal. ( A thong on some beaches in other countries may not be )

  24. Candice , are you saying that if I can see a guys genitals if he is wearing a speedo, even if he is good looking and in shape that the same standard should be for a girl or woman who is wearing a bikini , and I can see her genitals, and that all girls should wear some sort of female board shorts and not bikinis correct?. Do you just mean guys. If you do than you also have double standards for just men right?

  25. Mike Tinker

    um, not sure what some of you mean, I’ve been to many beaches where guys are wearing other then board shorts.

  26. W

    Because Americans are not so sexy , as hot latinos does .. uuurrriaaa.. !!

  27. Lets get real

    The average brazilian has a much better physique and a much larger penis than the average American.


    Brazilian men in speedos = Awesome

    American men in speedos = FAIL.

  28. btlfedgt

    After reading all these posts I have to say that I agree that the vast majority of americans are a little prudish. I’m a strait married guy that has lived by the beaches in florida for 30 years. I have to say that the stigma here about speedos is not in the interest of anyone who want’s to wear one! The typical applies here, old fat fat guys, gay guys, and muscle guys. On the other hand I have seen way more women wearing bikini’s to the beach that where way more out of shape, than the men I have seen in speedo’s or trunks! I think that if your going to the beach to get a tan and your in decent shape than wear what you want! If you want a tan from your knees to your feet and from your waste to your face go for it!

  29. tai tai diggs

    plain and simple… ALL straight american males are sexist and homophobic.

  30. JKA

    I’m American(from Hawaii) 41 and in good physical shape. My girlfriend and I are going to Thailand and the beaches. I got a few pairs of the square cut shorts and she really likes them on me. She likes my butt in them. Sexy, but appropriate for the beach and public. When I first saw them, I thought they were gay, but pick the right styles and colors with the help of a girl so you get their opinion. I still love my board shorts, but like the square cut ones for the beach. They are only for the beach anyway. “What shorts to wear” is not a life altering topic. So wear what you want…that is…as long as your significant other accepts so you aren’t seen arguing on the beach and your girlfriend trying to cover you up with a towel..haha

  31. Matt

    Why? Because 90% of the men in Europe and else where have no business wearing speedos. But, European men generally have higher self esteem when it comes to there bodies. Americans realize when they’re unsightly and take all steps necessary to cover it up. (Also, most men look nothing like the two in the photo, anywhere.)

  32. johnny angel

    the men have been trained that if they wear anything other than big pants to swim in there is something wrong with their thinking .i know because i had it explained to me 50 times by my daughter in law that big pants is what you wear speedos or any other brand makes you not right

  33. johnny angel

    It is what we have been trainedand told to wear and the recession is over the news said so so it must be true

  34. johnny angel

    It is what we have been trained and told to wear ,and the recession is over the news said so, so it must be true

  35. Max

    All people named Tai Tai Diggs on this post are extremely prejudiced against Americans and almost as offensive as the hypocritical Candice.

  36. Jeremy

    “But Europeans will never mock someone for wearing board shorts.”

    Uhh…isn’t the point of this article mocking American men for wearing board shorts?

    Get over yourselves, people. Let fashion take its place, and let us wear what we want when we want.

  37. RLL

    I am an American in my forties. I’m also heterosexual and dating. All the women whom I’ve been to the beach and pool with prefer the speedo. When I was married, I’ve had my sister-in-law tell me one evening while I was waiting for my wife to come out from the condo with a couple of mixed drinks, “Not many guys can wear a speedo and pull it off. But you do!” and winked.

    I’m not in the best shape. Granted, I’m not fat but I’ve never been to a gym either. I also remember once in a store buying something and asking the lady over the counter if she thought my wife would like a pair that I was holding. “Hon,” she began, “Don’t let no one fool you. Women like eye candy too!” (I’m quoting her words so please forgive the double negatives.)

    I’ve only had one negative comment made by some teenage boy that I’m aware of. I’m sure I was a conversation piece both good and bad at the dinner table for many. So what? I am now for many reasons. We all are.

    A real man is never a slave to fashion. Shorts, squares, speedos, or thongs; wear what you like and the heck with everyone else. It’s America.

  38. Ed

    First of all, these brazilians are actors who work out. Not everyone have that body.
    If you have ever gone to beaches in Brazil, a lot of people wear board shorts and surfers need to – they protect the leg from contact with the board.

  39. Joe

    Interesting topic;

    I am astonished by how men’s fashion is dictacted in what the American stores and magazines supply. Those board shorts are so awfull. Men are shown in the ads being 1/2 all covered up and the women are shown in skimpy bikini’s. The American men have accepted this foul trend like slaves. It is just laughable as guys where these big baggy pants to the beach or pool.

    Who cares what anyone thinks. Try to find men’s shorts anywhere 99.9999999 % of them have inseams of 5″ or more.

    I am a man, heterosexual, and my legs naturally have very little hair. I do a moderate amount of “working-out” but not at a gym. My legs are in great shape and I like to show them off once and awhile.

  40. Melinda

    Why do only American men wear boardshorts?
    My question is why do you care?
    I prefer the look of boardshorts.
    What looks good in the pic about are the men, not the speedos.

  41. Melinda

    I forgot to add, I agree 100% with Tim.

  42. Joe

    I like square cuts. I can’t swim in baggy shorts. I hate the drag. I am sick of American male body phobia. Americans think that its gay to show off a male body even a little bit. It’s stupid.

    I don’t really care about having everyone’s approval. It’s just that I’d like to wear what I and my wife like me to wear to the beach without being judged by so many uptight fat people.

  43. Jon

    I’m with Joe in regards to square cuts, I also go with the speedo/bikini style on occasion.

    I really don’t care that the other 99.9% of the guys are wearing baggy shorts. If they or anyone else wants to think I’m gay/strange/whatever, that’s cool, I’m not living my life waiting for someone else’s approval.

    Whether it’s a positive or negative comment, I’ve had a lot of conversations start up based on the swimwear that I wear and it’s all been fun regardless.

    I live my life to make myself happy. The lard butts in their baggy shorts or the men that lack true self confidence to wear what makes the most sense for swimming can keep to wearing pants in the pool.

    Joe, let the uptight fat judge all they want. Why on earth would it matter at all?

    I think it all comes down to self confidence. Enjoy what you’ve chosen to wear, and forget anything else anyone has to say about it.

    The only ‘harassing’ comments I’ve ever had were a group of teenage boys. It’s unlikely anyone of them would have said a thing if they were alone, but that group mentality of having to say something to look ‘cool’ to the others. Doesn’t bother me at all.

    I’ll still never quite figure out how wearing something makes you gay. Even if it was a guy wearing a women’s bikini I might think it was a little odd but at the same time I’d think it’s cool that they believe enough in themselves to do it.

    Same goes for hugely overweight women in bikinis, perhaps not eye candy, but I think it’s great that anyone is comfortable enough with themselves to just be themselves. period.

    However in the US, with seemingly the majority of men fairly overweight, I can see why there are so few men that would want to wear smaller swimwear and since so many are ‘covering up’ it makes that the default majority, leaving most that are in shape enough to really want to wear one in the minority.

    Fat or skinny, built or not, wear what you want, let others say what they will.

  44. stan

    If women can wear next to nothing at the beach then so can men. For the women who think men should not wear a bikini, you wear board shorts that go past your knees and go to the beach. see how you like it. A few of the women hear sound like reversed Taliban. Why not require the men to cover head to toe so you don’t have to look at a man’s body?

  45. Tom

    Going from speedos to boardshorts is going from one extreme to another. What about short shorts? They don’t show a man’s genitals with an unsightly bulge but still show his legs which can be athletic and attractive.

    Why does everyone assume these days that only gay men like looking at men when there are more straight women than gay men in the world.

    In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s men wore short shorts and nobody thought they were gay or feminine then suddenly someone decided they were and we’ve been stuck with them ever since.

    The boardshorts don’t solve the problem of being fat as they only cover the legs and not the stomach. It seems it’s ok for a man to show his beer belly and man boobs but not his legs even if he looks good.

    I like being turned on by women but also like to be arousing too and it’s hard in boardshorts to be sexy which is why women don’t wear them.

  46. Sherwin

    I agree with Joe and everyone else who are not too ignorant and close minded to let their life be judged by WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DICTATE……

    This does not only apply to MEN but also to WOMEN.

    Wear boardshorts if:
    1. you wakeboard, you surfboard or any other watersports where wearing one is appropriate for protection and comfort.
    2. if you are not FIT, beer bellied and want to hide any body part which you are think are NOT SO NICE TO SEE.
    3. if you are COMFY WITH IT, GO FOR IT!

    Wear Speedos/ any cut (square, low rise hip or bikini)
    1. If you have the BODY that looks great when you wear one
    2. If you want a good body tan for maximum sun exposure
    3. If you dont have a beer belly just like the 2 guys in the pic
    4. If you are confident enough and secure about your sexuality (whether straight or gay), THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF, IGNORE THE PEOPLE WHO JUDGE YOU AND JUST SMILE BACK AT THEM, AND THEY WILL STOP, IF THEY DON’T THEY ARE JUST ENVIOUS BECAUSE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO WEAR ONE, IGNORE STILL. after all it’s what YOU REALLY WANT, not WHAT THEY WANT. It’s your life not theirs…
    5. If you have been working out, and got very good developed muscles then by all means you can even wear a bikini poser, just do shave, again it’s not because you wanna have sex with everyone on the beach but you’re comfy with it and you look good in it, GO FOR IT!


  47. Jon

    20 years ago guys in the US could wear speedos or square cuts or whatever, and girls were fine with that. Then 10 or 20 years goes by and many of them probably say they don’t like it, stick to longer shorts. Obviously people’s views change by time and circumstance and social pressures in what they think is good or poor fashion. I think its best to wear what you want, and feel sorry for those who are in social prison. 10 or 20 years from now old styles will come back, and woman will like speedos again, just watch. The women wearing tall boots today have no idea they are wearing 60’s boots – hilarious, no – actually, they are great.

  48. Gerald

    It is because Americans are fat. Nobody wants to see old fat men in speedos….ick!!! See, those men are quite fine looking! If all Americans were looking like that, I would not mind a few guys walking around in speedos!

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