Neon Rocks!

Thriller and Billie Jean ruled the airwaves. Knight Rider and the A-Team dominated television ratings. Rubik’s Cube, Pong and Pac-Man were the games to have. Bring back the 80’s!

Disco Valante loves that 80’s fashion has crept back into main stream. However, clothes in the 80’s had a tendency to hurt your eyes. In more ways than one. One such trend was neon colored clothes. Neon colors are cool but people in the 80’s failed in one aspect of fashion…wearing too damn much of it.

To pull off neon today, don’t over do it! Neon can best accentuate an outfit when displayed in the accessories. Set off a great outfit with a pair of neon colored patent leather kicks (shoes). Or a white T that has neon colored graphic designs paired with a pair of dark denim and a cool white belt. Even a pair of fun and sexy neon colored men’s underwear from your favorite designer Disco Valante can bring excitement to your birthday suit! Like everything else, success is in the details.

Fashion is suppose to be fun and wearable.



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3 responses to “Neon Rocks!

  1. your neon blog hurt my eyes

    some things should stay history and i think neon clothes are one of them, except if its for say a Halloween party or major rave/circuit party, i doubt i’d ever have cause to rock some neon colors

    but we’ll see

    one must grow with the times


  2. I will admit that neon is very bright and therefore must be worn in moderation.

    Urban street-wear isn’t fancied by everyone. However, for those who can appreciate that style I’m sure they would agree with this topic.

    Or maybe, this speaks more to who I am. I don’t feel comfortable unless I stand out…in a good way of course. I love to be the center of attention. Nothing makes me feel more desirable than when I am able to take control of a room or setting with my pressence (and by extension my wardbrobe). I constantly try to have my clothes exude my adventurous spirit.

    I appreciate all comments and points of view when it involves fashion and style. For every single person on this planet, the potential to express one’s own personal being through clothing exists. Be unique in your own right, even when contrary to the tastes of others.

    Disco Valante values our customers thoughts and opinions. I’m not making clothes for me…I’m making clothes for YOU!

  3. I hate yellow, but that’s just me

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