Tired of that baby face?

Stubble, a well groomed light hint of facial hair, can make you look rugged or even refined, depending on which way you wear it. Designer stubble is one of the lasting facial hair trends that works for so many different men.

Stubble is a rugged way to add interest to your face without sporting a full beard, and it has a dashing, almost dangerous appeal that mustaches and goatees simply don’t have.

What can stubble do for you?

• Do you have a “baby face” with rounded cheeks? Stubble can give your jaw a more angular look, and minimize a soft jaw or double chin.

• Do you dislike overly formal environments and wearing suits every day? Stubble adds that edge to your appearance that many men crave, and in an increasingly casual work environment, can be acceptable in your office. Just be sure to groom regularly!

Stubble defines itself amongst other facial hair looks by its staying power. It’s not a flash-in-the-pan type of trend, and although it has been more popular these past few years, it’s a look that will never truly disappear.



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2 responses to “Tired of that baby face?

  1. Perfect! Stubble is hot–and you can always feel like a bit of a rebel, even in a pin stripe suit.
    The guy in the pic is smoking hot!

  2. the thing is… my face is so baby that it just looks like a kid with stubble when I try to grow one…

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