Who really wears jockstraps?

I love buying new underwear. However, I have never purchased a jockstrap. I understand the need for one in sports and that this could be the desired attire for a “power” bottom getting ready for play time. But is there anyone who actually wears a jock strap in everyday living? If you do, is it because it’s comfortable or that you are a horny bastard? I don’t think I could just have my ass hanging out in the breeze all day.

Even though my initial fall line doesn’t have any jockstraps in the collection, I’m open to giving the people what they want.

Disco Valante wants to know how YOU feel about jockstraps and if you wear them.



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19 responses to “Who really wears jockstraps?

  1. Lio

    It’s for sports. Wearing it as an everyday part of your attire would make it the equivalent of the French Laced crotchless panties!

    I (a bottom) wouldn’t wear one. Maybe because I like layers protecting my ass-ets and that I like to present the goods in a less trashy manner…with either boxer or boxer briefs on.

  2. ha, good one Lio

    i own a number of different jocks and see nothing wrong with them. oddly enough the only time i never think to wear them is when playing sports. go figure but i want a bit more support when running around and getting tackled.

    i mostly throw on a jock if i’m going out on a hot date with my partner knowing when he sees a flash of my bare ass beneath my jeans he’ll fly through the roof. Or i’ll throw one on in the morning beneath my shirt and tie just to feel a bit ‘sexier ‘ throughout my otherwise normal boring day than usual.

    jock straps can be fun and easy enough to wear if you freeball allot (as i do) but only if they are well made and really ‘hug’ your body.

    i’m a bit sad there won’t be a jock with the starting line up but i’m a big enough fan already i can’t wait for the second collection to get my hands, and ass, on a DV jock!


  3. Q

    i wear a strap about twice a week. “Another” brand makes a cotton one that is super comfortable for everyday wear

  4. radagast

    I wear a jockstrap on occasion. I like going commando and find that the jock helps keep things in place while still giving the feel of no underwear. Maybe I’m just a horny bastard?

    As for “presenting the goods in a less trashy manner…”, I’m not sure that anyone should be viewing my underwear without the circumstances already being intimate, in which case how is a fashionable jock strap more trashy than being naked? Besides, I think jeans that are falling off your ass are pretty trashy even with boxers.

  5. I have one, but I rarely wear it, I prefer briefs

  6. I have a few, I find them quite sexy. But to be honest I rarely wear them on a normal day, don’t think I’d like people to see the band coming up at the back…

  7. john smith

    My bf wears them everyday and lves it. it’s pretty hot.us me on the other hand only wear them when im playing sports or when boxer briefs are all dirty and they r quite comfortable.

  8. Sam

    I was looking for some info and your all comments were quite helpful…..am nking of going for it finally…….:)thanks guys…

  9. Eric

    I wear a jockstrap every day. However, I don’t wear them in place of boxers. They’re my after-work gear, cause that’s when I play sports. Whenever I’m headed for a gym, court or field, I’m sporting a jock. It keeps the tools stowed and the legs free to kick some ass.

    Also, being a boxers guy, I sometimes have trouble with boxers riding up under jeans. That sucks. My solution is either go commando or wear a jock. I usually go commando in a pair of worn-to-hell, comfortable Levi’s and a strap for an evening out in nice jeans. The equivalent of “crotchless panties?” Hardly. Just comfortable and convenient.

    By the way…I’m definitely a “horny bastard,” but also a top. If wearing a jock converted a guy into a “power bottom” I’d give ’em out like candy.

  10. David Jackson

    i wear jockstraps about 4 or 5 times in the wk
    they are so comfy so sexy . also wear my jock underneath my shorts . people often comment on how they see the strap lines thru the material of my shorts, wich starts a interesting conversation too. many straight guys are fasinated when they see the straps thru my shorts .
    i love the feeling of the straps round my ass,very erotic!!.

  11. martin

    I wear them about 4 days out of the week, they feel comfty and my bf thinks they make my ass look hot. I go to the gym and usually I’m not embarrassed, and walk around the locker room with it. Guys just look. And once some one took my jock while I was in the shower. The way I see it, having ur bare ass touching ur slacks at work, and feeling the tight straps turn me on, so why not wear them. The tighter the better

  12. 6666jeff

    Feelings about jocks are already well described here.
    Of course they can create feelings, in the me and in the other.
    So what can I add?

    I have been a gymnast. I did not use one. Nobody did and did not want to stand out.
    I use one and with a box. I have another one, but I prefer the one that give me firm feeling of “keeping in place”.
    Why do I only use mine at home only?

    Women are dull. I never heard any interest for jocks. When I first saw a jock it was on a nice soccer team youngster. It was sexy.
    Then I saw it on a friend. He could not fill it or the model was simply wrong. He looked like third class porn.

    I have to models I prefer. One is the classic Champion bike one. The other you will never find on internet as a jock strap, It is advertised as a
    “chastise device” ans sold in leather with a locking screw that needs a key to open and a hard box. I never bought one but have it in mind as a sexy symbol.

    Sex and power play is classic.
    I never understood why, but the fact is there.

  13. Joel

    Wearing jockstraps is just plain sexy and comfortable. I m a vers guy and seeing guys with them on are hot! I wear one at least a couple times a week and plan to expand my jock collection. I can be a “horny” bastard but I love how they feel on me, ‘specially the ass straps! They’re great for everday where and during sports. Keep wearin em guys!

  14. martin

    once i got involved in a relationship, and my bf required me to wear them, at first,i felt pretty weird, (they’re not usuall in my country) but now i love them and i wear them from time to time

  15. Alex

    I hit the gym 4 days a week. Every time I work out, or go for a ride on my bike, I wear a jock. You can’t beat the support.

    When I had my own pool, I’d wear one for a night time swim.

  16. bt

    First off, mega hairy muscle hugs for posting this timely subject.

    I enjoy jockstrapping, always have, always will.

    They give support and freedom at the same time.

    And it just feels great wearing them.

  17. Mikey

    Hey, they look great in chaps and a harness. Folsom Fair anyone…..

  18. M.A.E.

    Yep, I wear jockstraps every day. Why? Because I have a very athletic life style and work my legs and glutes very hard in physical training including weights, dance, combat, aerobics, running and cycling. It leaves my gentleman-equipment held in place but gives me good freedom of movement and leaves nothing to get saturated with sweat under my lycra or shorts. I also wear sports-thongs a lot.

    I’m certainly a very horny man (and STR8). One flash of a women’s bottom or smell of her pheromones and my lycra outfits would leave nothing to the imagination but my jockstrap or thong keeps my modesty in public.

    And my jockstrap or thong lines are probably quite obvious if someone knows where to look.

  19. Jay Gray

    I wear a jockstrap for sports- gym and running- often a Bike swimmer model with narrow waistband or standard Bike or McDavid in black- both very comfortable. The important thing about a jockstrap is that apart from keeping your tackle in place, there’s nothing to ride up your backside crack like ordinary underpants do, and the inner ‘support’ linings in running shorts are useless. But never wear a jockstrap for cycling- the movement of the straps on your backside will rub you raw- I know from experience. I wear tanga pants during the working day (they also don’t rid up your crack) and go command during leisure time. Don’t see many guys wearing jockstraps in the UK, apart from maybe cricket and rugby players.

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