Can you be cool while riding a modep in America?

Although this entry does not have anything to do with fashion, your choice of vehicular transportation can speak lots about your style…very superficial, I know!

I’ve been in the Middle East since the beginning of the year and I cringe every time I look at gas prices in the States. It cost more for a Coke here, in the Middle East, than for a liter of gas!

I find my self looking for alternative driving solutions when I return to Washington, DC. I’m thinking about getting a moped to drive around the city. However, not having the right mode of vehicular transportation in the US is a social liability. Not to mention, the possibility of screwing up my clothes.

In Europe and Asia you can have a supermodel holding you tightly while on the back of your moped as you cruise through town. Not in the states buddy! I think as Americans we view mopeds as toys for young teenage boys and a novelty to rent while on a beach vacation.

Will I lose my social status if I start cruising around town on a Vespa? Or should I not care and buy one in protest of extreme gasoline prices? What should I do?



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2 responses to “Can you be cool while riding a modep in America?

  1. ksu499

    Oh, no no no. Vespa is good. I’m seeing a lot of them in the District. And a real Vespa (or any other Italian scooter) is much preferable to those little 50cc motorcycle-wannabes some are buying. A motor scooter should look like a classic motor scooter.

  2. If you’re hot, I don’t care what you’re driving. Actually, a Vespa is good thing — the boys can take a better look at you!

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