Queerty interviews Disco Valante

Andrew Belonsky and the other fine people at Queerty have taken notice of Disco Valante. I have to admit I’m blushing because I’ve been getting so much support from the GLBT community. The interest from this one post has sent my blog hits and email inquires through the roof.

Queerty is the gay blog. There’s just no other way to say it. With its sharp eye for news, entertainment, shopping, fashion, and travel for the GLBT community, Queerty reaches an audience of upwardly mobile gay men and women who have long since abandoned traditional (and staid) gay media. When it comes to independent gay media, Queerty is at the top — which explains why the public awarded Queerty the Best GLBT Blog honor at the 2006 Bloggies.

I am really appreciative of the interest in my small dream.

Please check out their awesome blog, Queerty!


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