Is white underwear hot or NOT?

I usually don’t buy white underwear. I like more charisma in my undergarments. Perhaps all those years as a kid and wearing Fruit of the Loom has turned me off the white colored underwear.

Since Disco Valante Clothing is prepping for the fall launch, I want to know if you find white underwear simple yet sexy or just plain BLAH.

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13 responses to “Is white underwear hot or NOT?

  1. i think that white undies are not sexy at all.
    for me, it is still black undies are totally sexy.

  2. white underwear is the hottest in my book

    esp a nice well cut/made pair of white briefs


  3. The photo you included with the post completely answers that question. White undies are absolutely hot…on the right guy. Eddie Cibrian, David Beckham or Antonio Sabado Jr. in white briefs = center-of-the-sun hot. Jack Black or Chris Farley in tighty whities = not hot.

  4. White undies can be sexy, sure… like every pair it depends how it’s made and who’s wearing it….

  5. brian

    white briefs are by far the hottest underwear. colored underwear can be passed off as being swim trunks or shorts, only real underwear is white.

  6. B

    depends on what you’re body type is mosdef. Me personally, I wear thongs…So if I’m wearing white pants, a white thong or nude-colored thong is a necessity.

  7. Khaled

    As the above pic proves, it obviously depends on the guy it’s on! HOT!

  8. Khaled

    Brian, I think the sexiest thing is wearing white swimwear that looks like a good piece of underwear! Isn’t THAT sexy?!

  9. Trey

    White underwear is definitely hot… certainly worth jerking off too, haha.

  10. 6666jeff

    White underwear can be fine but needs the right model and quality and the right body underneath.
    This solution is seldom.

    Sorry that I can’t present here my favourite model of white briefs. They are easy to find by Google images. Some have a tag. Best without.

    Fruit of the loom never sold it.
    I never saw Jockey have it.

    Dark skin usually needs colour, but not always.
    Blacks can be wonderfully in white, both here and there.

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