Real men write letters

Disco Valante Clothing is not only about men’s underwear and T’s. It’s about creating stylish men on different levels. Today’s topic of style is on letter writing.

In this day and age, cyber technology has killed the art of letter writing. “Why would anyone write a letter since email is instantaneous?”, you ask. Letters show consideration. The thoughtfulness of putting pen to paper and placing an envelope in snail mail is a forgotten task. Occasionally write a letter to someone you care about and, believe me, the receiver of your correspondence will greatly appreciate your effort.

Additionally, personal stationary is a must for any professional and/or man of style. A quick note of thank you or admiration to another professional that sports your personal letterhead will carry an air of sophistication. And don’t worry, personal stationary can be very affordable even when purchased at boutique stationary stores.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!



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3 responses to “Real men write letters

  1. i barely have time to check and respond to all my emails, blog comments, twitters, Facebook updates and wall posts blah blah blah let alone sit down and hand write out a letter to someone

    that and i have the worst hand writing in the history of hand writing ^_^

    albeit there are instances when a hand written letter is appropriate. sending condolences to a friend over a lost love one. writing to thank you letter to a chief investor for attending and donating at a fund raiser you managed. informing the one you love that you indeed love them more with each passing day.

    but as a gay man whose grown up chatting and surfing the net before i started high school, the internet is very much my medium for how i run my life. i do all my banking online (i haven’t written a check in years), stay in contact with all of my friends and family via the net, and do all of my research, shopping, and gaming on the net.

    besides, why kill a tree when you can fire off an email? or write a digital letter (electronic writing pad and pen) and fire that off in an email?


  2. Yes, the internet has made communication easier and faster. I’m not insisting that postal correspondence become your primary communication tool. However, when there is a particular subject that is personally or professionally important, and time permits, a letter should be written.

    The lost art of letter writing is about consideration and thoughtfulness.

  3. Not when my handwriting looks like an 8-year old. Been trained to type instead of write since 4th grade

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