Going commando!

Disco Valante is a clothing label featuring men’s underwear and I’m trying to appeal to all men of style and substance. However, there is a group of men I don’t think I can ever sell to…the Commandos.

Going commando, aka free ballin’, is the preferred underwear (or lack of underwear) choice for some more daring guys. I myself don’t free ball because my nuts will sweat and stick to my leg. And, I don’t need the aroma of ball sweat competing with my cologne.

Besides, I can’t control my erections! 😉 Therefore, I don’t want to seem like a pervert when at the grocery store or the bank if my “one eyed yogurt slinger” starts to get aroused.

Does anyone free ball? If so, why and how often? Or do you think it’s gross?



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14 responses to “Going commando!

  1. Steven

    I actually prefer the “freedom” of not wearing underwear, and in general I prefer being naked as much as possible. But there are the obvious downsides to not wearing underwear in say a club or bar. I find that my undergarment selection is based on primarily on weather and activity.

  2. Used to do it all the time…(it’s more like a habit since like….a kid)

    Now I’m more used to wearing undies since it’s awkward to have guys slipping their hands through my pants in a club or something and realize I don’t wear any (Not that I let them, but sometimes some pigs just do it without permission)

  3. so long as i’m not going to work, an important function, or my parents house and its warm/hot out

    tuffie is freeballing


  4. I’m with you — my boys need a house! I hate the feeling of my balls sticking to the insides of my thighs.

    By the way, you’re one of my favorite blogs. Your posts are always informative, entertaining and/or thought-provoking. And the photos that you choose to go with them are very good to me!

  5. BJCG

    I hate going commando. I feel so naked and they tend to not craft the interior of jeans to account for a lack of underwear so it becomes uncomfortable. Plus, underwear is sexy. Even boxers.

    By the way, did the Ambiguously Gay Duo that you saw stay in character the entire time? If so, I don’t think I would’ve been able to contain my laughter for long.

    Also, I’m enjoying this blog.

  6. GayListDaily.com,

    Thanx for the compliment. I can’t wait to work with you this fall.


    I saw them, The Ambiguously Gay Duo, at Annual High Heel Race in Washington, DC. It is held during the Halloween season. The guys in the Ace and Gary costumes were in full character and their costumes looked like they could have been in a movie for the Duo. The crowd really enjoyed the show they put on. Thanx for the compliment on the blog.

  7. Nàààh, give me some nice briefs. Much more comfy and sexy than commando

  8. Khaled

    Ok.. please convince me.. You, or others, can’t control their erection going commando… what then is the difference between going commando and wearing boxer shorts, like MOST guys do today???
    And yes, I do go commando. Fantastic.

  9. Eric

    While going commando is totally sexy & makes me get easily aroused myself it also makes for sweat, etc. that I don’t care for… Although going commando usually ends in me having an encounter from being so aware of my sexuality in commando mode.

  10. Are these encounters with random strangers?

  11. Huff

    Well I have to say that I really do not like to wear snug underwear, even boxer shorts are ‘odd’ to me. I have been free ball’n for many years. I will only if I’m wearing thin dress pants to a special event. Some people don’t need to see what’s going on!! I find it too restrictive and the feel of the boys free is awesome. Plus I love to see a guy who is commando too.

  12. Blu_tac

    WTF Ace \Blog!!!! i’m a boxer dude btw ace…

  13. Peter

    Interesting!I go commando 24/7.I live in a relatively climate and my work involved much driving and walking.I found that I was getting small infections in the groin area.My dermatologist (a lady) recommended that I wear boxers or no underwear at all.There is little difference between boxers and going commando,and leaving the boxers off saves packing space.I have had no infections for ten years and find that I catch less colds and flu.
    I follow a strict personal hygiene regime and would recommend going commando to any one with groin infections.
    It is also very very comfortable,daring and sexy!!

  14. zeke

    I go commando most of the time. I think it depends on your age/generation. Most guys I know under 30 go commando at least sometimes. Talk to the ones under 25 and it becomes almost the norm. Not everyone, but pretty common. At the university I go to, almost all of my friends go commando more than they wear anything. Several of them don’t even own any underwear, after having thrown them away in high school. I’m not quite to the point of throwing them all away, but according to some of them you’d have gotten made fun of at their schools if you did wear em. My older brother said it wasn’t like this for him. So, yeah, I think it’s a younger guy thing. I think it’s just more acceptable with us to be more open, less inhibited, less worried about “keeping everything from showing.” Different strokes for different folks, right?

    Whats the big deal if someone can tell you have a cock? Are you ashamed of that? lol

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