Getting motivated at the gym

I feel the hardest of part of working out isn’t the actual activity but the mental focus of going and staying concentrated once there. Occasionally, I do feel unmotivated to work out. Being sexy is mentally straining at times.

I put together a list of tips to get you pumped about going to the gym. This list is not the end all, be all but it does have some things you can do to keep yourself going to the gym long after the New Year’s crowed has quit.

Set Small Goals:

Sometimes it much easier to think of taking the next step than it is to look at climbing the entire mountain. Set small weekly goals (1 lb a week) instead of looking at what you want to accomplish a year from now.


Pictures can be very inspirational! Regardless of what you think of those magazines, having a picture to look at is helpful in letting your mind capture an image of what you want. Once your mind has the image, you will start to take actions in life to accomplish that.


How do you think Rocky Balboa gets pumped during the training montage? It’s the kick ass tunes! Your favorite mix of high energy inducing jams is just what you need to get into the zone and feel pumped up. If you like music and it doesn’t bother you at all, then consider it for an extra boost when you don’t feel like working out. Music can easily put you into the mood.

Workout Partners:

The best motivation is somebody else with a like goal that wants to accomplish what you want as well. When you feel down and out and not really into it, this person might pull you along. When you can’t get that last rep out, they are there to give you a spot. It’s so much easier to have a training partner you can trust that motivates you. If they are a little competitive that might not hurt either. You can both use each other’s energy to push yourself.


Many people want to workout but feel without structure, they just get lost and bored. Being in a class can really help focus in on your goals with structured objectives in mind. If you don’t like working out alone, a class might be an idea option. Especially when you don’t know where to being and you like the idea of instruction.

Personal Trainer:

A times they get a bad rap, but if you find a good one, then paying for a mentor is precisely what you need. Shelling out those hard earned dollars for a package of training sessions can really motivate you to keep going. They are also your paid training partner. They can help push you and adjust your program for progressive resistance and growth. A good personal trainer can help design you a program and nutritional plan that meets your needs. Their watchful eye on your exercise form is critical as well. Not all personal trainers are worth their weight in gold. Get a trainer that’s in shape and not some fat ass!!!

New Routines:

One of my favorite motivational techniques is to try something new. When your routine becomes boring and stagnant, there’s nothing like trying new stuff to spice it up and keep you interested. Having a new plan of action can keep you mentally fresh and your body challenged.

I hope to see you all at the gym after you finish reading my blog and sending my web address in a mass email to all your friends! Hint, hint!



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3 responses to “Getting motivated at the gym

  1. You’re so good at making it sound easy! (I think you should show everyone the results of your working out.)

  2. All good point keeping you motivated ! Also, good way to keep you motivated is to create your own workout. Now of days, we carry a smart phone. You can pick an application that is for fitness. You can create different routines. If you get bored with one routine, choose or create a new one.

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