The urban renewal of men’s shorts

It’s the short shorts, fellas; the short shorts! Think of the 70s and the early 80s. And in 2008, fashion itself would prove that trend has a cycle—it starts and it ends and it goes back again decades after. I know, I know most guys don’t like to show alot of skin. For all you fashion forward thinking guys out there, short shorts is what’s in.

To pull of this daring look you need two things. Toned legs and attitude! Having toned legs with nice quadriceps and an onion booty adds to the visual delight onlookers will get when you are walking. Just as a woman with very curvy legs gets attention, a man with toned masculine legs will equally attract positive stares. Lastly and most importantly, having the confident attitude is a must! You are definitely going to get your fair share of looks and if you don’t have the self esteem to rock this look you might as well stay home. I just bought a pair of short shorts with a matching blazer and everyone (guys and girls) was complimenting yours truly, Disco, on his daring wardrobe selection.

One added bonus for all those vertically challenged guys out there is that wearing shorts can lengthen your frame, giving the illusion of looking taller.

If you have a problem tracking down some really nice short shorts, the same effect can be had if you buy a similar cut short or nice pair of pants and have a tailor alter the fabric to the desired length. Also, don’t mess this look up with big clunky American styled shoes. Wear this look with a nice low profile shoe, loafer, or sandal.



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6 responses to “The urban renewal of men’s shorts

  1. Shorts are only acceptabvle in sports, at the pool or at the beach. Not in urban settings!

  2. The style can look quite good on some men, but you definately need the body and the right skin tones, pasty and fat need not apply.

  3. i agree with benjamin. Actually i dont think theyre even acceptable in those places, i bet you can even wear boxers with shorts that short.
    Charles Manning, Stylist. He says he recently started wearing really short shorts because it’s too hot out. He also says people should wear what they wanna wear, and while I don’t disagree with him there, I still think it would be a bit weird to see a man out and about in extra short shorts. What are your thoughts?Shorts are cool on guys as long as they are baggy and flattering. Anything else looks like a tragedy. In fact I think it should be made illegal.

  4. dwhite

    where are those shorts from worn by the model in the photo above?? what designer is that?


  5. Albert

    what is wrong with shorts? i read they shouldn’t be worn, are not acceptable, or should be illegal, but why? There was even a comment on who should and who should not?

    What sort of of discrimination is going on in these comments?

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