The Chinese Connection!

Disco Valante has a manufacturer! This was the hardest obstacle in the development of the company. Language barriers, minimum requirements, lack of craftsmanship, and over pricing of labor were some of the issues that have made my dream a nightmare at times. Being a startup company with limited financial resources isn’t an attractive partner for many manufacturers. Many do not have the want to work with a company with orders that are not gigantic. However, after many months of searching and viewing samples, Disco Valante has decided to do business with the People’s Republic of China.

Now, I’ve got to brush up on my Chinese greetings and customs, establish a Chinese LTD, get a Chinese lawyer, and set up flight and hotel arrangements for July and August. I’m really excited! The next two months will be a whirlwind of traveling, production quality control, marketing planning and overseeing every facet of the business. I’m everyone from the president to the janitor in my operation.

I can now see that my dream is truly real and going to happen. I want to thank everyone that has read my blog, sent me an email or wrote about my efforts. It has meant so much to me. Thank you!



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7 responses to “The Chinese Connection!

  1. You commie! What will Senator McCarthy think of that? 😆

    No, good luck with your venture. Be patient, as the cultural and linguistic barrier will take time to overcome.

    I look forword to the result!

  2. Hey – You should check out the book “4-Hour Work Week.” It’s got lots of resources that the author has already put through their paces. The first quarter to half of the book is more about the guy’s philosophy of business, but once you get through that, he connects you to lots of resources.

    It’s been on the best sellers list for a long time.

    I bet you’ll find lots of helpful information there. Best of luck and congrats on finding a vendor. Can’t wait to get my first pair of your hot underwear.

  3. Comrade Bejamin,

    I really appreciate your vote of confidence!

    The Chinese company I’m using has been very good to me. I’ve been in correspondence with them for a while now. I tried my best to manufacture in the US because I’m an American, the ease of communication and the short distance (in comparison to China) that I would have to travel. However, I found US manufacturers to be very snobish about minimums.

    Therefore, China here I come!


    I’ll check out you that book. I’m addicted to business and self-help/motivational books. Thanx for the recommendation and your constant support.

  4. it’s a sad day when ‘made in America’ doesn’t count for shit even to Americans and its entrepreneurs/ex military officers

    business is business (and i know business) and the goal is to get the cheapest, highest quality, most marketable finished product based on demand, available raw materials, and production options so that the company turns a profit

    but how China has been operating as a country both domestically (in relations to America and our continued trade deficit) and epically it’s aggressive raping of Africa and its countries of hers/their natural resources to further along it’s booming economic monster, which they overwhelmingly justify by dumping these cash poor countries with millions of dollars and empty promises to help them establish viable infrastructures and operations bases so they Africa’s people can compete and trade on fair ground, no China would rather take what the need at the cost of human rights and sacrifice the basic significance of ones ability to provide for himself, family, and country in order to further along their agenda

    i find it difficult to accept how much business we continue to throw there way when we have the same capabilities stateside where the business, trade, and employment are highly needed in order to break the cycle of Americans buying cheap foreign products just because they’re cheap.

    I’m sure you’re fully aware that the conscience of consumers is becoming more attuned to not only the quality of the merchandise they purchase, but also at what cost and sacrifice it was obtained at and where

    best of luck in your business endeavors boss


  5. Tuffie,

    I ,as a presently serving military officer, have dedicated that last 11 years of my life to the defense of my country and her people. You could not even imagine the personal and professional sacrifices I have had to make for my country. I am a patriot and believe in America with all my heart.

    As stated in my blog comment to this entry, I tried to manufacture in the States. However, I’m a small company and the US manufacturers, I corresponded with, would not alter their production lines for a company with such a small initial order. Most US manufacturers wouldn’t even return my repeated emails and phone calls because of my desired quantity.

    Even though obtaining a lower price is a benefit to overseas production, that was not the most decisive factor in my decision. I would have gladly paid a higher price to manufacture in the States because travel to the factory is easier, communication is easier, no customs, and because I’m an American.

    Additionally, you must understand a country’s foreign policy is not necessarily representative of the wishes of its people or commercial industry. I constantly have this conversation with Europeans and Aussies who love to debate with me about US foreign policy, the war in Iraq and how our politics are screwed up. Most fail to recognize, until I bring it up, that the majority of Americans do not like our foreign policy.

    I have been fortunate enough to live and travel all over the world. Prior to visiting these places, I got my view of the world from CNN. Television and sound bites do not and can not reflect the duality of the government and its people. I have Iranian friends. I have Cuban friends. And television would have you believe that these ordinary citizens want to undermine the US and topple our government, which is not true. The simple fact is all people, regardless of nationality want a healthy and prosperous life in a harmonious relationship with their neighbor.

    Do not mistake the policies of Chinese government with the wishes of its wonderful people. Besides these days we[Americans] may not be the best people to lecture other countries about foreign policy.

    I found a professional manufacturer that understood the needs of a small business and wants to establish a long and mutually advantageous partnership. And I am more than willing to work with them in business and hopefully we will become friends.

    The world is small now and it is truly a global economy, even for a small clothing label.

    I wasn’t expecting to log into my blog today and feel like I’m on MSNBC. Good bloggin, Tuffie!

  6. ha ha ha, you should know me well enough by now Disco that I’m not another a-typical homo whose mindless, insipid, and a butt monster that only cares about how i look, where i hang out, and who i hang out with.

    someone of us do read newspapers. ^_^

    since we already had a lively conversation about this over gChat I’m not going to ignite the situation any more than it already is, but as a label you know as well as i do, and this is your own words ‘opinions are like assholes, everyone has one’.

    that was a fun conversation by the way, it’s nice to know you can still ‘keep up’. ^_^

    but do this fan a favor and read that information i sent you. it won’t alter your business plans (smart business is smart business no matter who you’re dealing with…from a purely business perspective of course) but it might give you more insight on where my offense to business with China is stemming from.

    as always i wish you and the line 500% success and you’ll always have my continued support.


  7. I do love a good debate. There is nothing wrong with feeling strongly about a subject, especially when it deals with human rights and social injustice, and expressing one’s opinions in a respectfully manner. It is a trait of a true man of style and substance. And you, my friend, are a man of true style and substance.

    As always, I appreciate you support and I hope you can join me on that trip to China.

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