Are thongs just for strippers?

I love buying new underwear but I never really understood the male thong. I understand woman wear them to hide panty lines. But why should a man wear one?

I totally get the erotic nature of seeing a piece of cloth disappear between two luscious mounds of onion booty but do men really wear these or is this just a novelty? Having never tried one, I just imagine it being super uncomfortable with a string up your ass all day.

Disco Valante wants to know if you think thongs are a great addition to your underwear collection or just costumes for male strippers shaking their money maker?



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14 responses to “Are thongs just for strippers?

  1. It’s not that uncomfy, but it only suits the most handsome among us.. I prefer (sports)briefs

  2. I don’t know anyone who wears a thong, nor do I think they’re sexy. You’re completely right, it’s a piece of fabric flossing your sphincter.

    Also, it leaves nothing to the imagination, and a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  3. I have one, but it’s not comfortable…and it’s not that sexy anyway with pants….but it’s fun when you’re wearing a kimono or a robe of some sort 🙂

  4. thongs are the most pointless piece of mens underwear ever created.

    you might as well freeball/go commando if you’re going to rock one.

    it’s not sexy, erotic, masculine, or a turn on even if a stripper is rocking it.


  5. Mike

    I wear a Thong on occasion. I have a few but the most comfortable are the thin-string variety. Too much fabric up your ass is uncomfortable, to say the least, but the cord or string is “as if you are wearing nothing” after the first few minutes.

    It IS sexy, erotic, masculine, and a turn on even if you are NOT a stripper rocking it. Besides, who cares what underwear you have on? It’s for yourself, not George Bush.

    Speaking of which… If you sweat and suffer jock itch (fungal growth/yeast infection) the cloth draws the sweat out of the way easier and faster than any other style of underwear, and you will suffer less discomfort as well as heal sooner.

    Just be extra careful when you clean, and it isn’t gross when you take them off… and if you skid on them, just wash properly. It’s only your own, so get over the gross-out, boys.

  6. hassia

    As with women wearing a thong is to not have panty lines, especially when wearing more expensive materials. there is nothing worse than seeing men with the wrong underwear on, especially during the summer months.another pet peave of mine is white underwear with white pants. Just wrong.

  7. Chris

    i have over 100 thongs, they are amazing. nothing gets me hotter than feeling a strap up my ass all day long weither its me working out or going on a date. yum.

  8. B

    Thongs are amazing…I own about 70ish and i love every one of them. They’re really great if you dance / figure skate like me. also, they’re really good for yoga. I have these white see–thru yoga pants and i love wearing a thong underneath of them cause it feels really sexy.

  9. M.e.

    I have 10 pair and you don’t even feel them after a minute or two. I have two thicker pair and you can feel them all day which feels AWESOME! I wouldn’t wear anything else. The fit and feeling is just incredible. My wife thinks they’re sexy too, and I’m not a “body builder”.

  10. I have two thongs i’ve only started waring them recently and i love them with all of my heart.

  11. I never thought I would be able to get use to a thong, but I will tell you after a few hours it is as if it isn’t even up your crack. Not as uncomfortable as I thought. As far as showing off they are the perfect thing!

  12. Jon

    I love thongs, i wear one all the time, even when im out with friends, when i wear it i just want someone to pull down ma trousers and bend me over their knee and spank me

  13. chad

    Im a guy that wore them. There very supportive in the goin area just like a jockstrap but the man thong sems more fit for the male frontal area of the groin

  14. John Osorio

    I love male thongs nothing gets me off as fast as to see a nice thong in a hot male ass! i just love it!

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