Too busy to sleep?

“You can sleep when you’re dead” is the popular saying of many busy people.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t sleep much. It’s not like I’m partying all night…which would be kinda awesome. I’m always working and trying to get the label off the ground. I’m tired all day and then at night I’m wide awake. Cruel torture!

Since I’m half way across the world I have to stay up late to talk to the US and because China is several hours ahead of me I have to be up early. My sleep cycle is truly screwed up.

Am I the only one in the land of the day zombies? Do you get enough sleep? Does anyone have any suggestions to get to sleep?



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3 responses to “Too busy to sleep?

  1. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m completely worthless. I’ve just had to make it a priority so that during the day I’m at my best.

  2. A part of it is habbit ofcourse. Another is consistence. It’s healthier to eat, work and sleep at regular and consistent hours.

    During workweeks I sleep 5 to 6.30 hrs, which is not enough. I communute using public transportation though, and I nap on train, tram and bus.

    Try to unwind before going to bed, it will better your sleep quality…

    Nighty night (it’s 11PM now, GMT+2)

  3. i work full time as a private contractor to our federal government (nuff said)

    part time student (which is full time with the level classes i’m taking)

    part time bartender (no weekends to relax/recharge)

    full time friend, bf, and son/brother (ahhh family)

    add in the gym, random social and professional commitments and obligations and I’m lucky if i get 4 hours on any given night

    but such is life, you either sink or swim, and i’m a damn good swimmer

    after all we all can’t be Miley Cyrus


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