Is your beach bag packed properly?

Beach season is here! I know lots of you are tanning and splashing around in the hot summer sun. Disco Valante is going to give you some tips on what to bring to a fashionable day at the beach.

Sunglasses – It’s a staple at the beach. They not only protect our eyes from UV rays and make sun tanning less horrid on the eyes, but also make you look so damned good! First off, your sunglasses should compliment your face. Square faces look good with more cubic looking frames while round faces are complimented by rounded shades. However, every one looks good in a pair of aviators. Beach glasses should be fun and less conservative then your typical day sunglasses.

Swim suits – It’s the battle between Speedos versus board shorts! In places outside of the United States, it is normal to wear Speedos. I remember my friends, in Naples, laughing at me once when I wore board shorts to the beach. They thought I was wearing regular pants. The beach is a place for sexuality to be exposed.

In America, the idea of the “banana hammock” creeps out a lot of guys. Speedos should compliment your skin. If you’re naturally tanned, go for bright colors like blue and yellow. However, black Speedos are classic! For board shorts don’t make them too long. You want to show off some skin after all.

Flip flops – Walking on hot sand is not funny. It hurts like Hell! So proper flip flops are essential. I have two pairs: Havanas with their extra gummy feeling, and a pair of bamboo slippers. The bamboo slippers look great for when I head out to a beach snack shack with some friends.

Beach towel – And no, not the ones you dry yourself with but the one you lay on. No patterns of Goofy or Budweiser; save those for tourists. Opt instead for plain colors or even my personal favorite, the bamboo print!

Beach bag – You need a bag to hide your wallet, keys, food, books, condoms and lube! 🙂 I always bring a backpack or tote bag. They’re sporty and easy to carry! Keep your wallet and keys in a plastic zip lock bag to avoid getting it dirty or wet.

Beach shirts – The rules are the same as with swimsuits – Get colors that go with your skin tone. Wear what you like as long as it’s short sleeved and goes well with your swimsuit.

Did I miss anything?



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3 responses to “Is your beach bag packed properly?

  1. ah…I hide from the sun…I like my moonbeam skin tone (I look better “fair” than tanned anyway….(that’s how my French colleague describe me LOL)

  2. I’m caucasian, and I’m not a sun/beach queen, but I like a bit of tan though 🙂

  3. iamshallow

    i have a rolling stones beach towel. the big red lips with tongue sticking out in the middle. so when i sit on the towel, it looks as if i’m being licked on the bum by the rolling stones mouth.

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