The enduring relationship between fitness and style

Shirtless Black Guy with Abs

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear however, but how you wear it! You could take the exact same clothing and put it on two different men and it could look completely different. No matter what type of clothing it is, the fashions will look better on a man that is in shape than on a man that it is out of shape.

Taking care of your body is simply a matter of making a few minor changes to your lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Working out a few hours at the gym every week won’t kill you and you will definitely see a difference in your body. You’ll feel better about your body, be more confident and, therefore, look better in whatever you choose to wear.

With that being said, when developing your own personal style the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. Just because a men’s fashion trend looked great on your favorite actor doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for you. If you’re uncomfortable in it, chances are it isn’t the style for you.

There are enough styles of men’s clothing out there that everyone should be able to find their own personal style. Developing your own style should always be fun. When you discover what style works for you, you’ll see that striving to look your best isn’t work at all; it just comes naturally.


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One response to “The enduring relationship between fitness and style

  1. this is why i’ll always be a t shirt and jeans guy

    i’ve always put my personal comfort well above being fashionable, trendy, or a label whore and have always valued my physical well being over all other factors

    don’t get me wrong, i have a few choice pieces i pull out when the occasion calls or that make me feel invincible when i wear them, but i wear what makes me happy and workout for myself and personal health goals, not for what others want to see me as or in


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