Wearing old underwear is not sexy

Guys wearing torn underwear

As I am writing this post, some guy is sitting at his computer wearing a pair of underwear he has had for the last 7 years. The elastic in the waistband has lost it’s elasticity, the color is so faded it looks like acid wash, and I’m sure there are probably a few holes.

Wearing beat up, torn underwear is just ugly. Even if they are clean, they still look dirty. A man should always renew his underwear collection and discard of older pairs. I know what some of you are saying, “Nobody sees them but me!”. That, my friend, is the wrong attitude.

I recommend an underwear self life of no longer than 18 months. However, some materials hold better than others but styles and designs are always changing. Not only should your outer wardrobe be updated but so should your man panties.

Don’t worry you’ll be able to update your underwear collection with Disco Valante soon enough!



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5 responses to “Wearing old underwear is not sexy

  1. Weeeeeeell, yes and no.

    If you have a large collection of underpants, you don’t wear a particular pair less often… so it wears out slower.

    Besides, sometimes there is an emotional value.

    But once it’s worn off, bye bye panties!

  2. Ben,

    Just curious…What kind of emotional value do you have on your underwear? Please give everyone an example.

  3. I’m scared of the “emotional value” that Ben has in his underwear.

    Disco – give us a chance to replace all our undies with your sexy creations and we won’t have a chance to have old underpants!

    And, for the record, the thought of a bunch of soldiers sitting around in their underwear (old or otherwise) is hot.

  4. First, in my comment there’s a double negation: it should be: “If you have a large collection of underpants, you wear a particular pair less often… so it wears out slower. ”

    But is so weird, some emotional value? Think of sporters who have ‘lucky pants’.

    Or a gift: a pair you got from your significant offer and which you keep for special occasions…

  5. i have a pair of white AE boxer briefs (oh my they are not designer ^_^) that my first partner bought for me years ago

    they are very much the image that Disco describes his fellow cyber having on and i’ll probably never throw them away

    they are broken in, like a good pair of jeans, and when i wear them *usually while i’m cleaning around the house or laying in bed reading/studying* they take me back to one of the few stages of my life where i was 100% happy

    so i have to respectfully disagree, clothes are no different than family heirlooms or expensive jewelry, they maybe not last as long but can hold just as much emotional/sentimental value for the owner.


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