Sun tan lines…super hot or really silly?

Tan line on guy

It’s summer time and everyone is pouring on the lotion and sizzlin’ in the summer sun to get that bronze skin complexion. Since everyone isn’t bold enough to sun tan naked, people get these killer tan lines. Sometimes when I see someone with a good tan and an extremely white booty I laugh really hard to myself. Then sometimes I think it can be really hot in a very strange way…to me at least.

Maybe when I launch my swim suit line and everyone has a Disco Valante tan line, I will love it.

So are tan lines hot or should you go to the tanning bed and even it out?



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10 responses to “Sun tan lines…super hot or really silly?

  1. I love tan lines. They let you know you’re getting close to something good.

  2. Maybe it’s like the difference between totally naked and wearing just a piece of cloth? The suggestion is sometimes more sexy than seeing it all…

  3. Absolutely, Ben! It’s the exact same thing. It allows our dirty minds to race.

  4. i’ve never understood the tan line fetish (and yes, it really is a fetish)

    why would anyone get off on a guy whose body is multi-shaded on purpose?

    if a farmers tan is a social mistake and visually unappealing why isn’t a Casper white ass and golden bronze everything else?

    but, i’ve never been one to knock someones taste because they differ from my own…so although i personally don’t find tan lines attractive or a bonus on a hot guy, i’ll continue to say what i always have

    to each their own


  5. Fetish? No, just reality. Most men get their sun than with a swimsuit/truunks/shorts/speedos on…

  6. one of my good buddies owns a chain of tanning saloons and tells me all the time that the gay men who frequent his stores where you don’t have to tan with trunks on still wear them so they can get ‘sexy tan lines’.

    i don’t have any quams with it either way but i personally don’t find it sexy or attractive.


  7. B

    Thong tan lines are really sexxxxxy

  8. Taylor

    Thong tan lines are really sexxxxxy

    I agree there with ‘B’
    but thats where i draw the line

    Tuffie said it better than I could have
    I dont like a ‘Casper’ booty

  9. Mike YK Paahana

    i already dark so no more tan lines on me, chix luv it

  10. Derek Edmondson

    My boyfriend Clyde Avery has tan lines, too. They are hawt!! They make me want to stick my ding real deep in him!!

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