Tattoos anyone?

Sexy black guy, Jensen Atwood, with tatoo

I don’t have any tattoos but I do think they can be cool. If you are daring enough, like this guy, (even though he really doesn’t have this tattoo in real life) it can look cool if it flows with your overall style. However, based on placement and actual design, some tattoos are absolutely wrong.


I personally think tattoos should not interfere with your ability to conduct business and to be thought of as a serious adult. Tattoos on the neck, hands and face are silly. How can you be taken seriously? If you are an rock star or professional wrestler, I will let you slide.

Secondly, men should never get tramp stamps (tattoos on the lower back above the waist line). Hell, girls shouldn’t even get them there.  Additionally, tattoos around your belly button is a NO, NO!


If you are gonna get something, get something cool! Don’t get Tweety Bird or the seal of the President of the United States. Get tribal designs, Chinese characters, or some other time tested, bad-ass art.

Tattoos, like anything else, should be done with class.



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4 responses to “Tattoos anyone?

  1. Mike

    Well, far be it for me to criticise anyone’s personal choice of Art to hang on the wall, or Tattoo on any or all parts of their body, because it is THEIR choice of Art; it is THEIR choice of Tattoo. The opinion(s) of the “viewer” of the art are never the reason anyone I know has gotten a Tattoo. So, I strongly disagree with this article and all of it’s contents–grammar and spelling aside.

    Could the meaning of “class” change? It has in the past, and what was once “disturbing” or “provocative” is often now labled “classsic” (like “Rock” for instance).

    It is never right to belittle anyone on their choice of Art, Tattoo, Clothes, Hair, Makeup–you name it. That smacks of school-yard bullying, and has no place in the professional world, which seems to be the inspiration point of the author.

    Mike in Canada

  2. Mike,

    I meant to comment on this when you first wrote your comment. Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Even though this blog is written in support of my business attempt, it is written for fun! I’m sorry you feel so strongly about my dis-taste of crappy tattoos and/or their bad placement.

    My opinions aren’t meant to bully anyone. However, the nature of fashion is to judge. “What’s cool” and “Who’s cool” is an ever evolving measuring stick.

    The honest, yet horrible, fact is everyone you interact with on a daily basis judges you by your appearance until they get to know you. The grocery store clerk, the bank manager, and anyone you might run into chooses what level of respect to give you based on your appearance. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying what “is”.

    I hope my position doesn’t turn you off to reading and commenting on more topics on this blog and ultimately purchasing Disco Valante merchandise for you or your friends. I love respectful discussions.

    Waiting for your next comment,
    Disco Valante

  3. Britany

    I think that the only time you should get tribal is if you actually belong to a tribe. And chinese symbols, if you’re going to get one, make 100 percent sure you know what it means. But other than that I whole heartedly agree with you on tattoos on the face, neck, and hands. And tramp stamps, I don’t find those appealing at all.

  4. You have done it once more. Great article.

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