The evolution of t-shirts: The Deep V-neck!

I was just reading Cameron‘s (aka Tuffie) Blog, Tuffie’s Rants and Raves. He had this wonderful discussion about t-shirts.

For about a year now, deep V-neck T-shirts have been all the rage in the US. Some hate them, when they should be LOVED! Only to state the obvious, deep V-necks look better when you have a clean shaven, manly chest. I guess that’s why I rock them. 😉

Being a fan of the deep V-necks, I plan on incorporating them into my opening collection. However, Disco Valante wants to get a pulse of what the people actually want. Do you think deep V-necks are cool? And why or why not?



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11 responses to “The evolution of t-shirts: The Deep V-neck!

  1. I like deep v-necks, but like you said, they must be worn by someone who has a clean chest…no hair please!

  2. V-necks can be nice, if you have a worked-out body for it. Otherwize, stay away! Personally I’m not a big fan of V-necks. Im more a shirt-wearer

  3. ha ha ha, love the carry over

    as i’ve said on my blog, i like this style of shirts but think it’s being abused by those without the body/chest to pull it off.


  4. Deep v’s are so hot, if you can pull it off. I have the chest of an 11-year old girl, so I would never attempt to wear one. A nice tan helps a lot too!

    Is that you working the green v in your post?

  5. Lio

    I find it very effeminate considering the way the man-cleave is being shown the way a woman would.
    Nothing masculine about it at all regardless of the nice supple chest area. You might as well start wearing mascara and lipstick to match with the castration! Trust that even if I did have the ample chest, I wouldn’t showcase them in those deep v’s.
    Give me a nice linen pullover shirt any day. Like the one’s they wear in the Greek isles. Those are sexy AND masculine.


    No, that is not me wearing the green deep v-neck.

    I must remain removed from the public eye to remain mysterious. I’m kinda like the fashionable bad guy and the only thing you see is my hand stroking a cat while hatching plans of global domination…except in the end, I win! (laughs sinisterly to himself as orchestra plays his over-the-top pronounced theme song)

  7. YuppieScum

    What guy would want to wear a blouse, seriously?? This is fashion for fashion’s sake.

  8. Jojo

    The Deep V is ghastly!

    While checking Yahoo news this morning an ad appeared on the page for The Deep V, at first I did a double take, then I thought it was a joke…

    The dude with the red V neck and the other dude with the pink V Neck look absolutely Ghastly! And the looks on their faces say it all! (that look says “yeah, I’ll do anything for a buck, even wear this ugly shirt.” And the way the “tee” hangs on some of the girls is very unbecoming and sloppy looking.

    This is a very bad idea… I predict this puppy dies a lonely death, I don’t expect to see much of this shirt outside of Manhattan or downtown LA.

    Jojo – the fashion cop

  9. rubin

    où peut-on acheter ce superbe v-neck vert ???

  10. Taylor

    I love the Deep V and really wish I had a bigger chest for it
    but what the hell im going for it when i do get some more muscle

  11. dave bryce

    I am 49 years old and have a prettyfit body. 36 inch chest tanned and i wear a very deep cut white t. -with confidence.

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