Who STILL wears tighty whities?

Black guy Wearing Tighty Whities

When I think of tighty whites, I think of a 8 year old boy watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal. I can’t really understand why any fashionable man would gravitate toward them! However, I have been wrong before…I think it was in 1986.

Can this choice of ultimate plainness be sexy? Disco Valante wants to know:

1. Are there any guys out there that still wear tighty whities?

2. If so, do you try to use the dick hole feature?

Or do you think tighty whites are strictly for little boys?



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44 responses to “Who STILL wears tighty whities?

  1. 1. Never really had FTL-stile TWs. Even as a kid, I had colourful simple briefs.

    2. Rarely

  2. Klahd222

    1. I only wear “tightie whities” (in many different colors)

    2. If there is a “dick hole”, I generally do not use it

    Also, in my experience, briefs are the underwear of choice of gay men (in MY experience). They are far more sexier than boxer shorts b/c they are more body conscious. Of course, this could all tie into your ‘little boy’ theory, considering youth is so important to so many ‘mos out there.

  3. Dan

    Who still wears tighty whities ? Well, millions of people who are not the metrosexual type. People who are true, sincere, candid. Not the typical Ibiza guy. People that tend to disapear in this society where showing off became a lifestyle.

    Tighty whities used to be worn by everyone a few decades ago (and not only kids, of course) and no man would have wanted some fashionable underwear. And NOBODY cared. At all. So what was wrong ?

    Nowadays, “Murder, crime, poverty, these things don’t concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with 500 channels, some guy’s name on my underwear. Rogaine, Viagra, Olestra.” (quote from Fight Club movie)

    Yes, we’re concerned with such stupid things. Really, kidults wear fashion underwear, adults were whatever.

  4. But we so much like being kidults 😀

  5. Wow – someone’s got some pent up underwear issues…

  6. redblkdude

    Plenty of men went back to briefs after trying boxers and not liking them. Im 20 years old, and I never understood the dislike they received. Any way, it comes down to preference, and not what other people think. On a side note, referring to the man in the picture, I am glad that Im not the only black man who wears them.

  7. Thomas

    Dan , I love you!!

    I like your eloquence and style. I love that you make your comments, get a nice dig in and don’t really insult anybody and come away smelling like a rose. Well done. Now that is a man.

    We measure people by all the new bullshit laws of the net and political correctness and who can be the cattiest and bitchiest. These blogs and sites are full of the worst grammar I have seen in my life (I bet you know the difference betwen ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ don’t you? -that is my pet hate) and we are only getting worse. You though, my friend were the wonderful surprise of an educated Man with a voice and a point to make.

    I actually think the topic is quite funny and other people’s responses all have some kind of validity and fun too, but for my money, if this was a dating site, I would be asking for your number!

    , but you my friend

  8. def leppard69

    I LOVE wearing tighty whities…..it gets me so horny.. and most of my tighty whities arent totally white anymore either

  9. jack

    I wear tighty whities. I`m 15 and get wedgied a LOT at school

    • tim

      I go to school and get the atomic wedgie in my tightie whityes i hate wearing them my dad says that if i wear boxers they will stick out

  10. David

    i wear briefs all the time. I only wear white, black, gray, red, navy blue, regular blue, dark gray, and sometiems striped. Also im 13

  11. John

    Yes, lots of people still do, myself included.

    I wore boxers for awhile when I was yonger, but i switched back recently (I am 19 now).

  12. Ryan

    im 15 and i wear the classic white ftl briefs. they feel comfortable and my girlfriend likes how they show off my penis buldge

  13. Boxers are so boring, so mainstream. TW’s* are the bold choice nowadays.

    *Includes for me more special and colourful versions

  14. I think the religious rite have relagated tighty whities to be gay. i wear what i want… Tw’s.

  15. Caleb

    I wear black briefs. So, I’m not too sure if they are considered “tighty whities”. I sometimes thought that people should call black briefs “blacky wackies”, it seems like the appropriate counter part to white briefs.

    But, I do in fact use the dick hole feature, and I believe its called a fly. But I only use it when I masturbate.

    Yes, I masturbate in my briefs, got a problem?

    Anyway, I do like white briefs, but not as much as black briefs.

    And either way, women find me extremely attractive not matter the underwear. I mean, what kind of girl doesn’t like a tall, long blonde hair, blue eyed man in black briefs? I usually get compliments for wearing briefs anyway, girls say that they compliment my body.


  16. Dusty

    I’m 45 years old, and I still wear classic Fruit of the Loom ‘Tighty Whities” most of the time. Although I sleep nude, and ‘freeball’ during the hot Summer months.

  17. Andrew

    I think I’m gay, or know I’m gay now and I love to wear briefs. I think they are so sexy. Btw im 18

  18. Rob

    i love tighty whities, proper underwear for MEN gay or straight. In white they look cool clean and sexy.

  19. Fromie

    i luv clasic ftl btw im 15

  20. Iric

    I love the “Sex Panther” brand! If you got the chance to see the picture. I don’t know if these are really intended for so called “gay interest,” but I love them and really don’t agree with this topic of “Military man creates gay underwear” gay being the underlined word here, can I think offend heterosexuals. I am 20 and have almost the same body type as the model in sporting them. Therefore I was intstantly attracted to them. My comment may sound demeaning to homosexuals but trust me, no offense intended.

  21. Dan


    Thank you. Actually I made a mistake in my message (“were” instead of “wear”), but after all, english is not my mother tongue ;-).

    You seem to really have understood what I meant in my message. Yes, true men and true women are slowly disappearing, killed by advertising, TV and many things.

  22. I always wear tighty whities.

  23. Benjamin C

    I’m 19yrs old, I was raised on ftl and hanes white briefs and truth betold i really didnt care they were comfortable and got the job done. all through middle school i was picked on for wearing them and eventually switched over to boxers just to stop the harressement, then when i became a frshman in high school i switched back cuz i noticed other guys in the locker room were still wearing them. i still got made fun of sometimes but i always told them atleast i got a package to show off lol. anyways i still wear them and prolly will never switch back

  24. Jay

    Briefs, or “tighty whities” are medically better because they support you balls. Especially true for sports. Without some support, your bals will sag down and by later in life they will sag to the floor.

    Boxers became poular in the early 90’s because of hip hop style, but they are not functional as underwear. Boxerbriefs came out of the gay community originally and went mainstream due to CK.

  25. Taylor

    I was wondering what all the buzz about this one blog post was until I read the comment and I feel that i might upset some hardcore tighty-whitey lovers

    personally I agree with DV, around 12 years of age, to be a little more mainstream, you should probably at least make sure your TW’s are still very white or else in my opinion they look kind of trashy

    a couple years down the road switch those for the more colorful side of underwear.

    The steroetype is that this form of underwear is kinda-gay but I dont agree, as I am gay and really think they are a turn off that I would eagerly trade for a nice pair of colorful briefs/ boxer briefs/ trunks it doesn’t matter as lond as it goes with you body!

  26. Charlie

    I have to wear white underwear because my mom will not buy me anything else. I do not have a job and she says there is nothing wrong with them and when I get older I can choose my own underwear but until then she will keep buying me these. I feel they are tight. They just need to stop making white briefs!!!

  27. Jeff

    White briefs and tee shirts are great! Not gay! I think those fashion boxers are more gay… let it all hang out for you boyfriends.

  28. Matt

    I luuvvv tighty whities, i switched to boxers for highschool and hated every minute of it. Just graduated and now im goin with the black briefs with red stitchings or powder blue and blue
    P.S. Im gay

  29. I think this is only an issue with older people. Boxers are just not cool anymore. Sorry. They’re what people’s grandpas wear or what 30 year olds who think they are still living in 1999 wear.

    Tighty whities are cute. They look good with jeans. They show off bootie…I don’t get why older people are so against them. Is it just cool to be against things that teenagers like? LOL Weren’t you all teenagers once?

    These kids these days and their tighty whities blah blah blah. In my day we wore boxers so people couldn’t see our peckers and I don’t remember anyone complaining lol.

    It’s just underwear. Relaxxx

    • Dan

      Emily V, actually the reality is just the opposite of what you said. Teenagers are against tighty whities because it’s “uncool”. Older people don’t recognize themselves in the commercials made by Hugo Boss, they don’t care about what is hype now.

  30. matt

    i love my tw’s. i’ve worn them everyday for 16 yrs

  31. boy

    I wear what I want to.
    Most time of the day nobody sees my underwear anyway so I prefer the comfort of the classic ones. If I want to impress my boyfriend with something different I can switch to something else. But by the way, I love to see men in tightey whities!

  32. Zac

    i wear fruit if the loom white tightie whities and im 14 thats all i wear only white ones and im happy sure i get pantsed and wedgied but i like tightie whities

  33. Kris

    I’m 19 years old and I’ve worn Fruit of the Loom tighty whities my whole life. I find them much more comfortable than boxers, especially in jeans. I’m not gay either.. straight and gay people both wear tighty whities.

  34. Kris

    I am 19 years old and I still wear Fruit of the Loom tighty whities. I find them to be much more comfortable than boxers.

  35. Ryan

    i wear boxers so that other people wont tease me but i lik tw’s theyre comfortable and im in jr high do u get alot of wedgies bcuz u wear tw’s

  36. I wear briefs to bed, I usually wear a T shirt or Tank Top and briefs. The only reason I wear them is cause thats all my Mom buys:( she wont buy me boxers, so i’m stuck with briefs. I’ve worn briefs all my life. As soon as i move out, I’m gettin me some boxers!

  37. Zane

    I’ve gone full circle. I wore tighty-whities until high school, then boxers through college and beyond. Now I’m back to tws, white, black and gray dependant upon my mood. I like the way cotton briefs feel and breathe. Boxers don’t do that. And if you’re trim, nothing looks hotter than a guy in classic tighty-whities.

  38. kenneth

    i wear all types of names for underwear i am along with yall i am not gay neither im straight my uncle buys me white one only and he say when i get older i will be able to pick my own underwear until then no but i am only 14

  39. casperr1986

    i love my tightys it keeps everyting right there …cause when they move you know what i mean even if the wind blows and moved them around,,you get hard so the no motion keeps it firm right srry just tellin the truth

  40. Paul

    I like both white and colored breifs. I switched to boxers in 5th grade and switched back to briefs in 8th grade, I’m gay (you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at me or talking to me) and it has always been a turn on, but I switched back mostly because I hated my balls getting shock by impact while skateboarding. I’m 24 now and still skate, so the support is the main reason, but the sex appeal of them is nice too.

  41. Johann

    Yes Ihave always worn ftl hanes or other tighty whities it much more clean and wery masculine keep on boys

  42. Ms

    I wear briefs I like them, I’m not gay and my girlfriend likes them. I’m 21 and sence highschool I’ve been wearing briefs. Is there something in particular any women could tell me as to why they are un-cool?

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