Metrosexual “Straight”-ish boy kills negativity

At the core of a man’s personal style is his ability to have healthy relationships.  I was just thinking about my friend and the amount of support he has given me over the years.

For those who have been reading this blog, will recognize Disco Valante’s best friend, Erik (aka “Straight”-ish boy). Erik, a US Navy military officer, is deployed in South East Asia.

He’s my sounding board for all of my entrepreneurial and life goals.  We push each other to be the best.  While traveling through this life it is great to have a friend brother like Erik.

If you don’t currently surround yourself with people who are positive and really want to see you do well, then you should weed those people out of your life. There are only two things any person can ever do for you…push you up or bring you down!

Negative people are poison, especially negative people who are close to you because you value their opinion no matter how wrong it is.  Conversely, you should always try to be positive and not belittle other people’s work, dreams, or thoughts with your negativity.

Always wish people the best and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism when trying to help others.  Being stylish is more than just having cool clothes and nice hair cut, it’s about being a gentleman on all levels, physically and emotionally.


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