Thou shalt not wear underwear while swimming

Swimming in your underwear is not the most stylish statement I suggest you make.  I can only validate swimming in your underwear under the following conditions:

1.  You attend a house party where the drunken festivities move from the living room to the pool out back.

2.  You are wearing Disco Valante underwear and realize there is nothing better to show off your sexiness.

3.  You are built like a cover model of a fitness magazine. 

Outside of these circumstances I don’t think your swim attire should consist of tighty whities.  Showing off your junk at the pool in a public setting just isn’t as sexy as one would think.  I think it is rather creepy.

Does your swim attire consist of the underwear you put on before you headed to the pool?  Under what circumstances would you wear underwear while swimming?



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3 responses to “Thou shalt not wear underwear while swimming

  1. Jo

    if i was at a place where i know no one and i really feel like swimming, then i wouldn’t mind swimming naked 😛

  2. David

    i always wear underwear when im swimming, but i wear it under my swimsuit. one time this usmmer i was at the beach and a big wave crashed down on me and it pulled my suit down and i didnt realize it and i was wearing black tighty whities. Everyone pointed and laughed at me, until i finally figured it out and yeah its embarrassing having an entire beach full of people see you standing there in nohing but your black tighty whities but it beat being seen completely naked.

  3. Shekinah Love

    RE: the last comment. Um…theres no such thing as *black tighty whities*. If theyre black…theyre NOT white! You could call them *tighty blackies* but I suspect the better term would be *black briefs.*. The next question would be…..were they classic briefs….high cut, low cut, spandex, cotton, poly-cotton blend, lycra, or…?

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