Mr. 10,000


The Disco Valante Clothing Blog has accumulated 10,000 hits in 4 months!!!

I know to some blogs this number isn’t much.  However, I remember when I got 2 hits or no hits a day.  When I used to get 20 hits a day I was jumping for joy.  Now I’m clocking over 200 hits a day.  Which again, maybe be small numbers for some blogs but still I’m pretty excited. 

If the number of blog hits is any indication of interested consumers in my kick ass clothing label, I’m in for a hell of ride.

Thanx everyone for visiting my blog, writing me emails, and telling your friends about me.  Don’t forget to go to Disco Valante Online and register your email for the news of the fall launch.



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2 responses to “Mr. 10,000

  1. HUGE congrats on hitting 10,000! I remember when got its 10,000th hit. I was ecstatic.

    Here’s to big things in your future!

  2. It’s a nice start! Congrats!

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