Pretty in pink

Once agian, Disco Valante must instruct the class on the color of pink and its place in fashion.  I would have thought the students in my last class would have passed on the this information to rest of society but they have failed me.

After a much heated debate in my office with a victim of bad fashion,  I have one statement to make…PINK ROCKS! 

Why are so many men afraid to wear pink?

A man who wears pink is a someone who is daring.  A man who wears pink gets complimented.  When I wear pink, I have to beat the ladies (and the occasional male admirer) off with a stick.  Everytime I have seen a man wear pink his stride is more confident and his poise is more manly.  

Do you have what it takes to wear pink?  Do you like pink on men but are to shy to wear it yourself?  Or do you think pink is strictly for little girls?  Disco wants to know.



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4 responses to “Pretty in pink

  1. Pink, particularly a powdery shade, is the perfect color. EVERYONE looks good in pink. It’ll make you look tanner, slimmer, taller than you really are. And it gets people’s attention.

    Disco – methinks you have lots more than the “occasional” male admirer…

  2. i’ve never been scared to rock pink


  3. fennychandra

    Pink on men? Ewwww…’s a turn-off for me 🙂

  4. The only reason I don’t wear pink more often is because I don’t have enough pink clothes.

    Which shall be rectified soon enough!

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