Disco Valante and the Bank

Disco Valante has run into a major road block.  The simpliest way to describe my problem is to say the bank won’t give me money!

After fours months of early preparation and submitting my business loan application, the guy in charge of my paperwork has to decided to renege on offering start-up funds. 

Does Disco Valante have good credit? – Yes.

Has the loan officer ever expressed any faults with the business plan or financial estimates?  – No.

Is Disco Valante a college graduate? – Degreee in Electrical Engineering.  Check.

Has Disco Valante owned another business and made a profit? – Yes.

Has the loan officer ever said everything looks good and there are no problems? – Yes.

Has the loan officer been sitting on my paperwork and not doing his job for 4 months?  – Hell Yes!

It isn’t that I can’t get the money from another institution, it is just the lackidasical manner in which my application is being handled that pisses me off.  

If you don’t know, I’m currently in the Middle East and two weeks away from returning to Washington, DC.  I was supposed to sign my paperwork on 1AUG.  I am almost certain the loan officer would have waited until I got into the bank to tell me the disapproval news…that’s the level of professionalism and courtesy I’m dealing with.  

On the cusp of flying to China, I must now worry about money.  I guess this is the cost of doing business!



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2 responses to “Disco Valante and the Bank

  1. i’m sorry to hear about this bro, it could be the current state of the markets and banks not wanting to invest as readily as they once did, even with a proven and sound business plan.

    if there’s anything i can do, and i will make some calls, let me know

    we still gonna catch up when you’re back in town?


  2. If anything can go wrong, it will… especially when starting a business (and Weddings)

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