Metrosexual Alert…”Hazel Eyes” is in the building

I truly believe friendship is at the core of a man’s personal style. Who we hang out with and how we treat them says so much about us as an individual.

On my blog, I constantly exploit Erik and talk about our friendship. I want to talk about my other best friend Steven, aka Hazel Eyes. Hazel Eyes is also a Navy Leiutenant and an Explosive Ordanace Officer like Straight-ish boy. He’s currently stationed in Italy.

Hazel Eyes is my ace! I don’t know anyone like him. He is just a great person. He is always voluteering for different causes and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say a negative word about anyone. A damn goody two shoes! He is a free spirit and don’t dare him to do something embarrassing because you’ll lose everytime.

Steven is who I turn to when I want talk about truly personal things and have a good man cry! Steven was actually the first person to give me money to start Disco Valante Clothing. I want to publicly thank him and let him know I love him very much.

For some reason, Steven thinks he can be a thug or a tough guy. Could someone please tell him guys with hazel eyes and that play with babies are not bad boys. By the way, that’s chewing gum foil in his mouth and a painted on beard.



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3 responses to “Metrosexual Alert…”Hazel Eyes” is in the building

  1. It’s so impressive to me how expressive you are about your guy friends. That’s a very noble trait.

  2. I’ve always felt that if you love someone you tell them. You never know what will happen to you or that person between the next time you see them.

    Some people try to make fun of me if they hear me talking on the phone to one of my buddies and I end the conversation with “I love you”. I get the classic, “You’re gay”. I simply reply, “If you don’t have a friend you can say, “I love you” to, then you don’t have a friend”. That usually shuts them up as a look of self pity over takes them.

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