Are white boxers hot or NOT?

Sexy guy with white boxers and tube socks

I have NEVER owned a pair of white cotton boxers.  I just don’t know what it is about them but I possible hate them on the same level as tighty whities.  I’ll give it to the guy in the photo his pair look sportier (or maybe it’s just bunched up) than traditional white cotton boxers found in a department store.  However, I still just can’t bring myself to buy a pair.

Disco Valante wants to know if white boxers are sexy or just plain BLAH?



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8 responses to “Are white boxers hot or NOT?

  1. On the right guy, anything’s sexy. Hell, David Beckham could make a burlap sack look hot.

    Really though, the cut of the underwear is way more important than the color. Slim and trim…

  2. Mike

    Boxers are quite comfortable in the right circumstances, regardless of whether anyone else sees them or not. Personal choice and comfort are Personal choice and comfort . I find a lot of the postings on this site come across as puerile.

    I am sure you don’t want your business endeavour to come across as only for the intolerant/bigoted Queen? Those ones that are so insecure about their own self image that tearing apart others for what they wear, say or do “for/in fun” are, in general, only tiresome.


  3. Tighty whities can have sth cute and boyish in a way, but plain white non-fitting boxers are too uninspired. It’s a arrestable offense. Don’t get cought by the Fashion Police 😛

  4. i know for me personally it was never a major turn on to see a guy in hot/sexy pair of underwear until i met my ex Chad. he is big into them and showed me that the right pair can bring about a look/feeling in the guy you love making you go totally bonkers.

    white is still his/my favorite color on me, could be because it stands out more against my skin tone, but mostly because it’s a ‘clean’ look to me.

    no pretense. no crazy colors or pattens. just a hot partially naked guy rocking a nice pair of white boxers. i have a knit pair of all white super soft cotton boxers that i love to wear with nothing else around the house when cleaning/studying, used to drive Chad nuts and for whatever reason makes me feel sexy.


  5. not. if you think whitey tighties arent hot, then white cotton boxers are not. However, mesh is better than cotton.


  6. Love your blog, i love your article for beginners.

  7. SNJ

    Good point, white boxers no, but white jocks hotness!

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