Why do American women love guys in board shorts and hate guys in Speedos?

Historically, the beach is a place where sexuality has been expressed. It is a natural reaction to wearing next to nothing. Disco Valante has noticed a very telling trend on this thread. American women hate the overt sexuality of men in Speedos. But why? Are American women threated by a man’s sexual presence? Are they envious?

In America, women are the beacons of beauty and sexuality. Meanwhile, men are quickly branded as gay or weak if they appear too beautiful.

Quick Story to illustrate this point:
All military pilots have call signs, like “Maverick” in TOP GUN. My Naval Academy classmate Christian, who is a Navy pilot, is probably one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. His call sign is BROKE BACK. I asked the other pilots, “Why is Christian’s call sign BROKE BACK?”. Their reply was, “A man that good looking has to be gay.”.

American beaches are the place where the female form is the center of attention. Beautiful woman with smooth curves wearing skimpy two pieces swim suits can be the inspiration of hit TV shows…BAYWATCH. However, does a man of equal physical beauty wearing a Speedo threaten a woman’s turf?

This girl commented to me once, “I don’t go out with overly attractive or well dressed men because I want to be the center of attention when we go out.”. I’m not saying she speaks for all women but could this be a glimpse into the female mind?

Or is American just a nation of sexually prudish individuals? One could easily make this assumption based on our beach attire, our view of prostitution, and attitude toward the GBLT community.

Ladies tell us if my assumptions are way off point. Fellas, why do you think women hate men wearing Speedos?



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50 responses to “Why do American women love guys in board shorts and hate guys in Speedos?

  1. jack

    I think that you are right on in you are right that women often feel threatened by the overt sexuality of men. I also think that other men feel threatened by it. I think that might explain why as men have become objectified over time they tend to be more self conscious about their genitals. If you look at swimsuits from the 50s, for instance, they are basically square cut speedos.

    I also think that its awful to swim in baggy shorts. Why is that functionality issue lost on so many people? I am not just talking about competitive swimmers either. Its just not fun to swim around with a floating set of trunks dragging on your movement. Maybe women should leave their knee length skirts on to see how it is.

  2. Mike

    Many of the N.Ams with problems with Speedos actually have a problem with the guys who tend to wear them, not the actual strip of cloth.
    Unfortunately as N.Ams get fatter, their sense of decorum hasn’t changed, and what was once perhaps a good physical specimen has also perhaps become somewhat obese. The Speedo still fits because it is Spandex. The self-image hasn’t always adjusted with the corporeal weight gain, either. So just the thought of a Speedo brings a mental picture of a sloppy fat not-growing-older-gracefully kind of mental image, and the revulsion that goes with it. Well, in my opinion.

  3. Who cares what women think?! (TOTALLY kidding!)

  4. Pat

    I think you hit the jackpot in that women do not want to compete with sexy men for attention. I do call boardshorts burqas-for-men. Some women want men wearing burqa shorts because the focus of attraction will be on the women.

    If every man were a ’10’ with muscular bodies, those same women would still be complaining about men in speedos. Why is it only North American women who think this way?

  5. i think women, knowingly or not, are threatened by a man who can see his physical beauty in the same context they see theirs.

    men after all have never been the ‘prize to be won’ throughout history, more like the self sacrifice for the prize, which is usually a beautiful woman.

    so when we encroach (the beach with similar skimpy swim wear per your example) on their territory i can see how they might take offense…

    but they’ll get over it πŸ™‚


  6. Chris

    I think that there are a number of factors as to why a guy wearing a speedo is such a negative for so many Americans. First of all, let’s face it, most Americans equate speedos with gay men and so to the average (mostly homophobic) American that causes varying degrees of discomfort or dislike. And for women who are aren’t homophobic or bothered by gay men, at the very least they are put off because while the guy in speedos may look hot, women are socialized to think he is gay and therefore unattainable as a mate — causing a certain amount of subconscious frustration. In addition, I do think that, for some women, there is a certain anxiety over a man exhibiting his physicality/body in a way that only women have been socialized to do.

    As for guys, most straight guys get really panicky when they find themselves attracted to another guy. When a guy is wearing a speedo, especially if he is muscular and masculine, it is without question a very sexual and visually stimulating sight. Most guys subconsciously can’t handle being attracted or stimulated by another guy because …. well that just might make them gay wouldn’t it? So I think that is why a lot of guys get so vehement against speedos; it makes them very uncomfortable when they perhaps get a little stimulated by seeing another guy in a speedo. And as for wearing a speedo, when a guy does, he is definitely putting himself out there. Currently, in the U.S., if a guy wears a speedo, people are going to notice because it is basically such a rare sight. A guy definitely has to have confidence in himself and be a bit of a maverick to wear one, because he is bucking the trend and for good or bad, he will get noticed.

    In the U.S. for more than 10 years now speedos have been continually bashed. It is now become an accepted part of popular culture and therefore ingrained in the minds of Americans that speedos are not cool, so even those people who don’t have the above-mentioned hang-ups are socialized like sheep not to like speedos. All of which is so hypocritical because in the 90’s and especially the 80’s, speedos were a common sight at U.S beaches and pools. At most Southern California beaches during the middle to late 80’s, guys in speedos were fairly typical. It is like the 80’s and the 90’s never happened.

    That being said, I am sorry, but I could not disagree more with the post from “MIke”. I don’t think that the dislike of speedos has anything to do with fat or as Mike puts it “sloppy fat not-growing-older-gracefully guys” wearing speedos. I have read as well as heard that nonsense before and it is just a tired old joke and a lame excuse. The “fat/hairy guys” at the beach in speedos that people claim to have seen and been grossed out by is like a myth on the order of “Big Foot”. I have lived at or near the beach for most of my life, and I have never seen a “fat/hairy guy” in a speedo. Sure, I have seen some guys who probably would have been better off in something not so revealing, but whatever …. not everyone can have a perfect body. People who use the “gross/fat/hairy guy in a speedo” excuse are just finding a convenient rationalization for their real prejudices and hang-ups.

    What I think really underscores the fact that there is something deeper to the issue of speedos beyond “fat/hairy guys” or a mere preference for board shorts is the incredible vehemence against speedos. The topic of this discussion says it all – “Why do American women … hate guys in speedos?” I mean some people literally hate speedos. All over the net people are constantly harping that speedos are “gross”, “disgusting”, and how “no guy should ever wear a speedo.” When you think about it, it is just a swimsuit so why all the heavy emotion?? Well, that is simple because speedos tap into some very deep insecurities, emotions and prejudices that many people harbor.

    • joe

      wow, so all men are secretly gay and disliking speedos is a symptom? hahahaha. go soak your fat head. that’s the dumbest argument i’ve ever heard.

      • Treknomad

        Hey Joe, You mght enjoy your minimal level of maturity and intelligence when you eventually develop them.

      • Jay

        @joe wow, way to show you sexual insecurity. Dude chill, no one is accusing YOU of being gay! You took a well written post and overgeneralized the hell out of it. Chris didn’t say all men are secretly gay. He said “MOST straight guys get really panicky when they find themselves attracted to another guy.” I think hat’s a pretty accurate statement. Relax man, It’s just a speedo. Who cares what other people think… especially if you have the body to show off.

  7. Pat

    I’ll add one more comment. Several anti-speedo bloggers seem to come from mormonic Utah. They get disgusted when they travel to Europe and see men in speedos.

  8. Pat

    One more extra comment: Go with a square-cut speedo. It’s not as revealing but still practical for swimming.

  9. Jessica

    Well I’m an American woman and don’t have anything against speedos.

    But I prefer board shorts; I find them more masculine and more modern than speedos.

    • not important

      I like your response but for the sake of it try swiming around in big baggy shorts that float all over in the water and are very wet when you get out and stay that way for a long time. Its ashame that the us is so judgemental.

    • Jo

      So, covering up a man’s body leads to a more masculine look?


  10. Amy

    I am also an American woman and I have to agree with “Chris” more than anything else. It is definitely an issue of the way our society has socialized speedos and the ideas behind what wearing one may mean.

    I am in no way shape or form concerned with whether or not a good looking man is going to upstage me. I am more than capable of appreciating him without worrying that his presence may be taking something away from me (women worry more about that while comparing themselves to other women). I think that it’s a little ignorant to assume that someone who may be uncomfortable with something therefore must be threatened by it.

    I had honestly never stopped to think about why I typically wouldn’t want to see a bunch of men in speedos, it just didn’t “seem right.” As I do not feel that I am a homophobic person, I think that it probably does just have a lot to do with it being a subconscious socialization reflecting our society.

    I also really liked Chris’ thoughts on why it might make a man uncomfortable, it was something I would never have considered. It does, however, make a lot of sense; most people react to fear with anger-which seems to be a pretty common response to men in speedos.

  11. We’re amazed at how intellectual this conversation about speedos has gotten. Who knew people had such deep thoughts about such a little piece of lycra?!

  12. I think I should look into swim wear development! I am amazed how many people commented on the subject of speedos and board shorts.

    Please read and comment on more subjects.

  13. NewssyLee

    Thanks to you

  14. krp5

    I too am perplexed with the the double standard with swimwear. Women’s swimming suits are next to their genitilia; I often can see the outline of labia and nipples. Why the adversion to men’s bodies?

    I like wearing “speedo” style suits because:
    1. Speedos dry faster therefore I stay warmer getting in and out of the water (I have low body fat)
    2. Speedos do not chafe my thighs like trunks
    3. Speedos do not trap air and water like trunks therefore they are much more comfortable to swim in.

    Why does a men’s “speedo” have to be “ewee” or “gross” or “indecent” compared to women’s swimwear?

    • Michael

      I agree Speedos, Aussiebums are much more comfortable for swimming in. I too have worked hard to keep my body in shape and am not ashmed to show it off. I do not consider myself gay but that is part of the American stigma. If your not like everyone else then something must be wrong with you.

    • Andres

      I am into bodybuilding as hobby and I constantly wear speedos or even a bikini for tanning and bathing. I must say that I can care less of what people think of me wearing a speedo, but I do realize that there are different thoughts about this subject. If there are people that do not feel right when they see me then I would suggest that they do not look. It is a matter of personal preference, I do not feel self conscious, and I have a lot of self confidence. I am also originally from Chile and in there many men wear speedos since they go to the beach to enjoy the weather and expose themselves to the sun.

      I am a 47 male with a very good physique and great genetics, 9% body fat, and I think that I look very well in a speedo and besides when I go to the beach, I go to enjoy the sun and swimming and I do realize that swimming in shorts/trunks becomes very much of a drag… so why being uncomfortable when I can be comfortable with something that it will dry faster and will give me the freedom of movement when swimming? This is just personal preference, but I do once in a while wear shorts specially when I am going to be doing some body surfing or surfing.

  15. Very interesting topic and comments. Chris made some very valid points. With one exception… It wasn’t that way everywhere in the States during the 80’s and 90’s. Maybe in California, parts of Florida and the Northeast, but not everywhere. I know Chris didn’t say “everywhere.” I’m just clarifying since it’s my understanding this post is about America as a whole.

    As far as swimming goes nothing beats wearing nothing at all in my opinion. But that’s not allowed everywhere and is not what this post is about so I won’t go there.

    I don’t believe that women are threatened by a man’s looks at the beach or anywhere else. Like Amy said, women are more worried about another woman upstaging them than a man.

    The Speedo is a social “no-no” in America and that’s about it. It has everything to do with having an effeminate tag stuck to it. Why? I’m not exactly sure but I imagine is does have something to with homosexuality and that a man is considered less masculine if he wears them. I have no idea what makes Americans think that wearing Speedo somehow make you gay. I must have missed something along the way. But that social tag is stuck in in the minds of both males and females and even amongst some gay men.

    That all may be changing though. More and more I’m seeing national magazines flaunt male beauty in their advertising in ways we haven’t seen before in America. Like this summer’s issue of ELLE which featured a photoshoot of a woman accompanied by a very sexy nude man with his goods covered only by a handbag. In this scenario the male was definitely the prize.

  16. Tony

    I totally agree with krp5. I don’t understand the double standard with swimsuits about men and women. If a guy who is pretty good shape, and if it is legal then he should wear what ever he wants to wear, Speedo,bikini,squarecut etc… It is such an American opinion about skimpy swinsuits. If you go to Brazil in Rio. or places in Europe, thats all men wear there on those beaches. People there don’t look down on guys wear a speedo or bikini-brief swimsuit. I wish American people would relax.

    • Danilo

      I know… i’m late…
      I totally agree with Tony.
      Americans are just not used to see men in speedos. it’s like top less and those weman bikinis. Sure u look at first, but then it becomes usual and u don’t think about it. sexually.

  17. John

    This is an interesting discussion for sure. There is no doubt a double standard exsists. Where did this whole “your gay if you wear a Speedo” thing come from anyway?

    Over the past year I’ve gotten back in shape and I’m very comfortable and proud of my body. My wife and I recently went to Vegas and I wore a Speedo at a topless pool. Some of the reactions were pretty interesting.

    I had a brief exchange with a 20-something guy in board shorts that seemed to be down to his ankles. He said “dude your nut sack is totally showing”. I said “cool” and walked away amused.

    I was actually not self concious and felt it was other people’s insecurities. Oh, and there was a woman wearing a floss type thong with sagging breasts and a saggy butt. I thought… good for her… she’s comfortable in her own skin!

    People come in all shapes and sizes. Go to a nude beach sometime. Even the most attractive people have flaws and bleamishes that are visible when they’re naked.

  18. victor yates

    i tried to read the article but couldn’t. the pic is hott. sorry. honesty is crucial.

  19. maybe guys in speedo looks too gay? joking

  20. trt

    “First of all, let’s face it, most Americans equate speedos with gay men”

    Why the hell would they do that??
    In Europe only guys wearing strings publicly would be suspected to be gay.

    And I, being a speedo wearer all my life have never thought about this cloth as something sexual πŸ˜€
    So what it shows you the package.. It doesn’t show your genitalia.
    And why then Ams. like things like bikinis and bras ? πŸ™‚

    Are women really so afraid of handsome men in the same time showing off their round asses in tight underwear?

  21. Amrican women prefer board shords for two basic reasons: first, they are more astetically fashionable than brief-style swimwear, thus many different types of designs can be placed on them, as opposed to the briefs with its limited coverage area, which leads me to the second reason. Unfortunately not many American men actually get away with being attractive in the briefs, with the obesity rate in America going up from 60% to 75% in just the past few years (swim briefs just are not a good”look” for you if you’re not lean or muscular). I’m 5’6″, 125 lbs. (very lean), and I wear the briefs made by Nike (better quality than Speedo). I’ve even worn them to some water parks in the area. The only strange glances I get are usually from people under the age of 11, that is, until they see me go off the diving board. Then they compliment me on my diving (and I’m just an “okay” diver). But anyway, American women prefer the fashion aspect that board shorts offer, but they’ll only tolerate “speedos” in the competition aspect.

  22. Jenny

    I hope that speedos come back in style. I want to see men in their skimpy suits! Women need eye candy too.

  23. Kate

    The problem is definitely not with women being threatened by the sexual appeal of men in speedos.

    Most Americans do not want to see a man in a speedo unless he is in excellent physical condition and is preferrably a very good swimmer/diver. Many Americans assosiate Speedos with fat hairy old men who are trying to give us a peek at their junk and it has negative assosiations to us.

    Plus, we’re not accustomed to seeing a man so bare in public like people in Europe are. Women are accepted as very sexualized beings who wear little skimpy swimsuits on the beach or at the pool showing off their body for everyone to admire. However when a man does it it tends to make people uncomfortable.

    What if the dude suddenly gets a boner?? It would be so much more obvious in a speedo then in swim trunks and that makes people uncomfortable. That’s not the only reason of course but it is one example. lol

  24. Gina

    If “Speedos” are gay then what do you call those dresses BOYS wear to the beach now-a-days? We used to call them coulottes. Do me a favor and drown in them. Wearing long pants to the beach is the most stupid fashion of all time.

  25. lerSweleFak

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  26. little vic

    i totally agree with many of the comments concerning the attitudes of N. Amer. women towards their “preference” in men’s fashions. It has more to do with sexual preferences too. Having spent time in Europe, I too have been surprised to find that a group of congregated women looking at magazines in the book store were not in fact looking at fashion or family life magazines but playgirl or some euro version of that (yes, there was a section of that that wasnt the gay section). Perhaps N. Amer. women are very narcissistic, and only want the fashion-wise attention on them. It makes for a boring club scene involving dress-up events of the more skimpy or role-playing kind. The usual outcome is colorful outfits on women, and men in all black. Whats with the whole “men in a bikini would have to be a 10” when women who are physically a 6 wear them? I’m not a bikini wearer, and the whole “package on display” thing doesnt necessarily make me uncomfortable. Something like a marathon racers’ split-side shorts in beachwear material would be perfect. Some of the preferences also has to do with homophobia. Just look at how black men used to dress in the 70s. I dont even think gay men wear jeans that tight or so up on the ass as black men used to wear. But since the whole “coming-out” movement in the 80s, straight Amer. men move away from anything that smacks of ‘being gay”. When I wear tight jeans and someone says that those jeans are gay, I say no “its my retro 70s black man look” (then I slap my ass). I dont get how guys swim in boardshorts. Its like swimming with wet pants on. One good sign though, is that board shorts are now getting smaller- mid thigh ones are coming out more regularly (speedos, rusty, etc). I’m not a 10, but when my white mid thigh board shorts are wet I dont sense repulsion from women on account of their transparency. Actually, several have asked where I got them (ross).

  27. Leo

    Well dont come to brasil if you does not like sungas or speedos on a male. I am 30 yo body nice and nice or not here we all wear sungas which americanos call speedos. I thinks the americanos are bobos to wear something down to their knees and get traps in the surf. We Never wear shorts to the beaches, something wrong with you maybe like George Bush if you do. If you wear long shorts in brasil we and the females get a laugh. If the sight of a male in his true form offends a female or male, look away. Here it is hot and we wear as little as possible including nice sungas. In nature the male always shows his colors and the female is neutral, look ats the bird colours for an example, in america somehows they have it backwords. We does not understand the offesive of the female and male americans when we visit your county and wear our natural attire to the beaches and pools. Cristo Bless, Leo

  28. Leo


  29. Fernando

    I’m from South America. and Speedo are not a big deal or made in to an issue. Many guys wear it it, and never comes up as a topic for conversation. Some guys even wear thong at the beach. I think there is more hang up in the USA due to culture and values. Place like CA and South FL are more laid back, but places like the midwest of the usa are more conservative.

    Like in Europe woman go topless at the beach, and young men may notice and admire but do not gawk immaturely as an American teen or man might do.

    just my 2 pesos.

  30. I say that you just threaten to wear a speedo and you will get your wife’s attention. Check out my theory in detail:


  31. Michael

    As a ugly duckling in highschool who has sprouted into a 6’2″ 230 lb muscular guy. I have found the solution. square cut swimtrunks. Women love them. Im not sure what men think. Most of the time women are looking at my chest and butt when im doing my laps and its alright by me. I recently performed a interesting experiment. I parked myself at a beach where female sunbathers frequent in thong bikinis. I parked myself in a semi secluded area in a Black Thong. I can honestly say I had alot of female foot traffic passing me. As I bodybuild, I still wonder what women see in a male body. I believe most women get creeped out by the speedo but if you have a body on the muscular side it quiets them pretty quick.

  32. Hi, my name is Beth. This forum seems to be very interesting with some interesting people.

    Now I’m off to read more posts in the forum.

  33. jack

    America’s is a culture that was started by the puritans who went there to get away from the decadence of Europe at the time, and now they are uptight about all sorts of things. Ironically there are simultaneously exploitive about so many of the same things. I think it’s basically the same reason why Americans have convinced themselves that white straight men can’t dance. They claim to have no rythm but basically its just cultural brainwashing. Where what’s comfortable and stop being so judgemental, you’ll feel better at the end of the day. πŸ™‚

  34. Well lets be clear, It’s not simply “AmericanWomen” it’s North American women we are talking about. The South American Women embrace men in speedo or brief cut trunks.
    yeah the brazilian/brief cut trunks rock. I wear them in the USA, and I have no problem with the women either.

    There, I said it.

  35. carl

    american problem for the offended viewer,…..but i will continue to heed the words of the women in my life instead to…………”wear them!”

  36. Shon

    I am a guy, and I think the best suit is a boxer brief type trunk. I don’t wear board shorts cause they feel gross, and I can’t wear speedos, cause I don’t like it when my cheeks hang out, so I think Boyshorts is the way to go. They hide the front very well, but yet show off the butt really good, which is definitely what wman don’t mind seeing. πŸ™‚ Do any woman agree with this?

  37. Vince

    I’m a muscular and somewhat attractive male (6′ tall, 200 lbs), and for no particular reason last summer, I decided to start wearing “speedos” when going to the beach. I got several inquisitive looks from men and women (as this was on the Gulf Shores of Alabama). I also overheard several derisive comments from men and women (many of those critical individuals were obese). HOWEVER…I did overhear many positive remarks too AND caught many women sneaking pics with their cellphones. When I made eye contact with those “spies,” they gave blushing smiles. I absolutely LOVE wearing speedos and would never go back to board shorts.

  38. Eric

    I think a guy that has a great built and wearing a small suite should be acceptable beach wear…
    Women wear detal floss but, thats fine and dont get me wrong Im ok with the girls wearing what they want…Im not crazy and I keep my mirror shades handy…
    However..I do think some women may feel threatened as for some men who are not built the same….Its is less compition otherwise…

    I was at an east coast shore and was in my hotel room debating to wear a suite I had that was above my knees or close to mid thigh……Insane..

    I got a better idea ..Guys should start wearing full length pants at the beach and maybe a half length sleeve sweater….

    There ya go…were all cool with it now….

  39. jim

    Because American women are being trained to be lesbians. Look at pop culture it glorifies women with women. When a woman says she thinks men are ugly but women are beautiful that to me says she’s gay.

  40. prospeedo

    Why do women object to guys in Speeod style swim suits? Well let’s see. Maybe Freud was right about penis envy. Seriously, a triangle shaped suit around a man’s waist draws the eye to his crotch (outline of his penis). Society as a whole is not comfortable with that. Boardshorts on the other hand direct attention past the waist and down to the knees. Think about it. Even in movies or cable TV shows that have nudity male frontal nudity is still not allowed. Perhaps another reason could be that drawing attention to the penis provokes women’s fear of rape – they see it as aggressive or even threatening. This being said, however, it should be noted that many women enjoy seeing guys in Speedos. Those that do often comment that they find the outline of a guys package. As one woman commented on a different site, “The Speedo is the period at the bottom of the exclamation point on a hot athletic body.” So perhaps women’s uncomfortability with guys in Speedos is a general reflection of uncomfortability with sexuality.
    Personally I say. Speedos are practical for (you guessed it) swimming. They are also comfortable, dry fast and leave a good tanline. The knock on them as unsightly (esp. on fat hairy guys) or gay is bogus. It’s the obesity that is unsightly not the swimsuit. Rolls of fat hanging over the waist band of a Speedo OR boardshorts is just not fun to look at. Firm fit flat abs are hot is Speedos AND boardshorts. Plenty of gay AND straight guys like them. Some women are turned off and some dig it. Live and let live, look or look away, to each his/her own. If the beaches become crowded with slender healthy looking men in Speedos and women in bikinis maybe it will help to stop the epidemic of obesity.

  41. Adrian Becker

    Well, everyone is entitled to express their own opinion and thoughts. My opinion is that people who ridicule swim briefs are just plain closed minded and immature. To say they are “gross” is just gross to hear that! Growing up in the 80’s, swim briefs were acceptable. I think swim briefs are less popular now due to the “hip-hop” and “baggy” fashion influence.

    I think adequate swim briefs for men have their place and time. I’m a 6’0, 31, athletic muscular straight male from Southern California and wear square-cut boxer shorts at pools and board shorts at the beach. My GF loves how my square-cuts fit! I feel more masculine, sexy, and attractive. I think these type of swimwear looks better in people in good shape.

    I also have a swim brief that I wear for “play” only in private with my GF. She loves how they fit and she encourages me to wear them at the pool! I don’t think I would want to do that due to the “hostile speedophobia” society we live in!. Swim briefs in other parts of the world are ok, but the USA is so up-tight for that. It does not make sense! Women can wear next to nothing, but men are not allowed to wear anything less than board shorts. How ridiculous! The USA has become a super macho hypocritical double standard society. It’s very sad. No wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t like us…go figure!!!

    To stereotype swim briefs as homosexual is so stupid and ridiculous. I say to men who have the body and feel good in swim briefs, go for it! If women can nearly show their entire body nude in a tiny bikini, then men should be allowed to wear swim briefs! Don’t mind those immature people who don’t like it. If they don’t like it, too bad! Tell them to look or go somewhere else! The USA is a free nation, so wear whatever you like as long as it’s adequate.



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