Honey, hold my man bag.

I personally hate carrying a bag.  All Disco Valante needs is his credit card, chap stick, car keys and phone.  However, even though I don’t personally carry bags, I can appreciate them.  I can understand when people live in urban environments and don’t have cars to throw their things in, a bag maybe necessary to make it through the day.

When I lived in Japan, it was not uncommon to see men carrying cool looking tote bags, commonly referred to as man bags.  It was more uncommon to see men NOT carrying such an accessory.

A man bag can be a cool add-on to a killer wardrobe but, in America, we will not let go of the backpack.  I cringe everytime I see a guy wearing a cool suit or nice clothing while carrying a back pack.  I understand if you are doing some physical activity where a back pack maybe more appropriate for the wear and tear but not in the everyday commute of a stylish man.

If you must carry a bag throughout the day, get something cool.  If you and the 6 year old kid next door have the same taste in bags, shame on you.

Am I being a total snob about this guys?  Let Disco Valante know what you are thinking.



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3 responses to “Honey, hold my man bag.

  1. Backpacks are cool….if you’re not wearing a suit… I wear a messenger bag when I go out and a stylish man bag for more stylish occasions. I got my keys, wallet, chewing gum, hand cream, ipod, coin purse and a small umbrella if it looks like it may rain so yes I need a bag. Plus it’s more environmental friendly when you happen to be buying something. Just say “no” to plastic bags!

  2. i’ve never been a ‘man bag’ fan. in fact if i see a guy rocking one it’s always an immediate turn off.

    i also wear a monkey suit to work and use a back pack to carry my work, laptop, and various books and could care less how unattractive/unstylish i might seem to other people.

    of course i could rock a expensive over the shoulder leather Kenneth Cole messenger bag, but i choose not to.


    over the shoulder bags are bad for your back and posture. back packs are better suited for carrying around books/laptops while distributing the burden of the weight better throughout your back and shoulders than a should slung man bag.

    call me crazy but in this area i choose substance of style 5 days a week and don’t feel any lesser over it. but if you don’t have to carry around these items for work, i see no point in rocking out a man bag when all any man, gay or str8, should ever need on his person is his wallet, keys, and Burts Bee’s Chapstick.


  3. Mike

    Backpacks are not necessarily bad. If you have to carry heavy stuff, a bag in your hand pulls your body out of alignment, and after many weeks/months you’ll spend untold hundreds of dollars on a chiropractor to get your spine out of trouble–not to mention the agony and imobility you suffer while trying to look …cool.

    Pain isn’t cool, and a Backpack can be more stylish. Leather, Fake, or nylon–it’s all good, and comes in a million different colour choices! Plus, there is always room for condoms and lube, lunch AND the laptop (for checking Disco Valante!).

    Modern Urban Men know that looking physically good and feeling physically good is never out of style.

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