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Disco-san in Tokyo

Hello everyone!  Well, I`m in my favorite city, Tokyo.  I`m living in a capsule hotel in Shinjuku which is quite the experience.

Once again, I am apoligizing about not blogging very often.  Tomorrow, I will recieve the sample that should allow me to have the confidence in the manufacturer, pay the initial 30% production costs, and get this label off the ground.

This “business” vacation has been rather stressful.  My trip has been plagued with manufacturing setbacks and shady characters.  I will elaborate on both at a later time.

See ya soon


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United Colors of Disco Valante

Well, I’ve been agonizing over the color swatches from the Pantone catalog.  Blue just isn’t blue…there are like twenty different blues.  Which one is too bright?  Which one is too light?  Which one is right?  You can really go crazy…trust me.

Because Disco Valante isn’t made for my satisfaction but the satisfaction of my future underwear loving customers, I pose these questions, “Do you like the typical ‘blah’ colors seen in many other underwear companies?  Or do you long for more vibrant tones in your underwear that capture imagination and a hidden coolness that only you and your f*ck buddy know about?”.

I guess I maybe tipping my hand a bit in how I want you to answer.


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DV Online Opener back online

Disco Valante Online Screen Shot

There was a technical glick that prohibited my flash placement page from operating.  It is now fixed.

Please click go to and register your email to get the latest news of the fall launch.

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Disco’s back in Bangkok

What’s up, guys?  This is Disco’s fourth trip to land of NSA sex, cheap living, and great culture.  🙂 

I know I haven’t been posting as frequently but between working on the clothing label and traveling I haven’t made the time…I’m sorry:(  The actual work of cutting a deal with the manufacturer is coming along.

I’m now in Bangkok on my Asian vacation/working tour.  I’m in this super cool trendy internet cafe where you listen to a live DJ, can buy an Ipod and other electronics, get gourmet drinks and do work.  It’s called True located in Siam Paragon if anyone stops in Bangkok.

I’ve also met a model from a rival underwear company while working out at the gym.  I saw the guy and I felt I knew him but didn’t know where.  Then it hit me!  He is the model for brand “X”!  He is a really nice guy.  Since I travel by myself, it is nice to meet someone the same age and get this…he has started his own clothing line which I have seen on the internet.  It’s almost like we share the same ambitious mind. 

After I check all my emails, I have to choose my colors out on the Pantone color guide book.  I have learned so much visiting the manufacture.  I’ve been doing my prep work like a caveman.  My new Chinese friends at my manufacture have helped me present my designs more professionally for manufacturing. 

It was an experience going to this small Chinese city.  I stood out like a sore thumb, however, everyone was more than friendly and eager to be friends.

Gotta get back to work in prep for the October launch.

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Cuffin’ the pants

I must admit I wasn’t always a fan of this look.  I always see it in Ralph Lauren stores and I think it looks too fake and snobby.  However, I think it can be worn with classic coolness and style.  Take a look at this guy in the photo.  His look is very understated…simple T, khakis, dark blazer, and a pair of patent leather loafers.  However, he exudes a coolness that rarely seen in reality.

Disco Valante wants you to try to pull this look off and tell us how you fair on the streets.  I’m sure you’ll get complimented!


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Disco Valante on the go!

Disco Valante Online Screen Shot

The last week or so has been a loads of administrative work and travel.  From Qatar to Kuwait to Washington, DC to California, I’ve been on the go!  Yesterday, I left on the physical journey to begin Disco Valante.  Just before midnight, I traveled 13 hours from LAX to Hong Kong.  I am now awaiting my connecting flight to go to China to meet the manufactureres of the this label.  In preparation for my trip, I’ve been reading books on Chinese etiquette and business culture for the past month.  I think I’m Chinese now…not really.  I hope I don’t make a fool of myself.

Shortly after the official business trip of Disco Valante,  I will proceed to get lost in a 3-5 week vacation around Asia.  I will visit friends and some of my favorite places.  This time I will be using hostels and crashing with sexy strangers.  No hotels and spas for me. 😦 

Thanx for being patient with the absence of my blogging.  Wish me luck!


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Are jockstraps the new “in” underwear?

I’m back!!!  Disco Valante has been out of the US for almost a year and I’ve notice something quite different.  In the last four days I seen eight different guys where jockstraps as underwear. 

Disco Valante hasn’t been hanging out in gay bath houses.  I was at two different gyms.  The guys were putting on their jocks with their street clothes after their workout.

Have I, the knower of all that is cool, missed a shift in underwear appareal in my abscence?

Fellas let me know what’s up!


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