Are jockstraps the new “in” underwear?

I’m back!!!  Disco Valante has been out of the US for almost a year and I’ve notice something quite different.  In the last four days I seen eight different guys where jockstraps as underwear. 

Disco Valante hasn’t been hanging out in gay bath houses.  I was at two different gyms.  The guys were putting on their jocks with their street clothes after their workout.

Have I, the knower of all that is cool, missed a shift in underwear appareal in my abscence?

Fellas let me know what’s up!


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9 responses to “Are jockstraps the new “in” underwear?

  1. Aidel

    i really want to know, each type of underwears, to be use when and with what pants or for what… can explain?

  2. John

    Yes…There very comfy..I wear my fahion jock every once in a while otherwise boxerbreifs..

  3. solojoe

    Don’t have conventional underwear. Like the way the pouch supports my ample man hood – feels like a nice warm hand is always holding my junk. Have more than 50 pairs, have my faves for sure – old Bike style and just ordered a Bamboo Jock Strap. Looking forward to this one.

  4. They never went out of style as far as I am concerned.


    I started wearin’ a ‘SWIMMER STRAP’ as my undies when I was in college like nine years ago and have NEVER looked back!

  6. Daaave

    Sometimes I want to wear something under boardshorts but not underwear. Also when you know you’re going to do something athletic in your street clothes. A jock fits the bill.

  7. Mike

    yes jocks are back in. they are light easy to wear. don’t hold sweat. half way between free balling and underwear. they come in a million styles now not just for sports. they are relatively cheap. don’t take up much space in a gym bag. and best of all, feels kinda sexy.

  8. Jeremyh

    We always had to wear jockstraps during PE in high school, graduated about two years ago. Now I am in college and I see LOTS of guys in jockstraps in the locker room. I like to wear my jockstrap as underwear, love it when the waistband shows when my shirt pulls up or I take it off.

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