Disco Valante on the go!

Disco Valante Online Screen Shot

The last week or so has been a loads of administrative work and travel.  From Qatar to Kuwait to Washington, DC to California, I’ve been on the go!  Yesterday, I left on the physical journey to begin Disco Valante.  Just before midnight, I traveled 13 hours from LAX to Hong Kong.  I am now awaiting my connecting flight to go to China to meet the manufactureres of the this label.  In preparation for my trip, I’ve been reading books on Chinese etiquette and business culture for the past month.  I think I’m Chinese now…not really.  I hope I don’t make a fool of myself.

Shortly after the official business trip of Disco Valante,  I will proceed to get lost in a 3-5 week vacation around Asia.  I will visit friends and some of my favorite places.  This time I will be using hostels and crashing with sexy strangers.  No hotels and spas for me. 😦 

Thanx for being patient with the absence of my blogging.  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Disco Valante on the go!

  1. clickfornick

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog.

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