Cuffin’ the pants

I must admit I wasn’t always a fan of this look.  I always see it in Ralph Lauren stores and I think it looks too fake and snobby.  However, I think it can be worn with classic coolness and style.  Take a look at this guy in the photo.  His look is very understated…simple T, khakis, dark blazer, and a pair of patent leather loafers.  However, he exudes a coolness that rarely seen in reality.

Disco Valante wants you to try to pull this look off and tell us how you fair on the streets.  I’m sure you’ll get complimented!



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4 responses to “Cuffin’ the pants

  1. Lio

    This is like “capri pants for men” gone wrong!

    Unless there’s a flood and I’m wearing my precious 7s or True Religion’s…I ain’t foldin’ up shit! 😉

  2. Boardshorts Men

    Personally I like ’em long. 😛

  3. Lio,

    I wrote this blog before I left on my Asian vacation and since I’ve been here I’ve seen numerous guys cuffin’ their pants. The look can be cool.

  4. I`m in Tokyo, the capital of cool clothing. If you have been here you know what I mean. And numerous guys cuff their pants. It is really a cool look…I will be rockin it this fall.

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