Disco’s back in Bangkok

What’s up, guys?  This is Disco’s fourth trip to land of NSA sex, cheap living, and great culture.  🙂 

I know I haven’t been posting as frequently but between working on the clothing label and traveling I haven’t made the time…I’m sorry:(  The actual work of cutting a deal with the manufacturer is coming along.

I’m now in Bangkok on my Asian vacation/working tour.  I’m in this super cool trendy internet cafe where you listen to a live DJ, can buy an Ipod and other electronics, get gourmet drinks and do work.  It’s called True located in Siam Paragon if anyone stops in Bangkok.

I’ve also met a model from a rival underwear company while working out at the gym.  I saw the guy and I felt I knew him but didn’t know where.  Then it hit me!  He is the model for brand “X”!  He is a really nice guy.  Since I travel by myself, it is nice to meet someone the same age and get this…he has started his own clothing line which I have seen on the internet.  It’s almost like we share the same ambitious mind. 

After I check all my emails, I have to choose my colors out on the Pantone color guide book.  I have learned so much visiting the manufacture.  I’ve been doing my prep work like a caveman.  My new Chinese friends at my manufacture have helped me present my designs more professionally for manufacturing. 

It was an experience going to this small Chinese city.  I stood out like a sore thumb, however, everyone was more than friendly and eager to be friends.

Gotta get back to work in prep for the October launch.


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