United Colors of Disco Valante

Well, I’ve been agonizing over the color swatches from the Pantone catalog.  Blue just isn’t blue…there are like twenty different blues.  Which one is too bright?  Which one is too light?  Which one is right?  You can really go crazy…trust me.

Because Disco Valante isn’t made for my satisfaction but the satisfaction of my future underwear loving customers, I pose these questions, “Do you like the typical ‘blah’ colors seen in many other underwear companies?  Or do you long for more vibrant tones in your underwear that capture imagination and a hidden coolness that only you and your f*ck buddy know about?”.

I guess I maybe tipping my hand a bit in how I want you to answer.



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5 responses to “United Colors of Disco Valante

  1. We love that you care about our f*ck buddies!

  2. give me white and black underwear any day and i’m a happy homo

    i’m not so keen on the crazy cuts, styles, colors, and prints of some underwear, but then again i’m a simple gay guy who likes simple things.

    mostly i buy based on the cut and how comfortable it looks like it will be once i put it on

    most underwear forget that all important ‘pouch’ or ‘cup’ that is designed to hold your chief asset securely while advertising it obscenely and the importance of fabric. underwear like a favorite pair of old worn jeans should be a pure joy to slide on and into

    and since when did anyone care to impress or show off for a fuck buddy? 🙂


  3. I like both: colourful underwear and black, white or grey. It depend on my mood an the occasion.

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