Disco Valante update!

As I sit here watching Project Runway, I’m starting my return to the blogging world.  First i would like to apologize for the lapse in time.  It has taken my cable/internet company almost three weeks to install their services.

The trip to Asia was fun yet very stressful.  Delays with manufacturing start dates and bad samples had me so worried and prevented me from truly relaxing.

I have begun manufacturing with a great company in China.  The two guys handling my account are really professional and awesome. 

Yesterday, I received the color card to ensure the correct fabric color of the underwear.  I also received the graphic design print samples.  There are some changes to be made but it feels really good to be progressing this far.  I think everyone will find the color combinations of underwear fabric, graphic print, and waistband really cool.

All this progress doesn’t happen without cold hard cash.  Disco Valante has footed the bill of the initial 30% down payment for manufacturing with the money from its investors.  I truly thank thoses who have given this company money.  Now I’m waiting to hear back from the bank, this week, about getting a line of credit to help with the purchase of larger quantities and working capital.

The model search is on…I’m looking high and low for that cute face with a hard body.  If you know anyone in the NY, NJ, Philly or DC area let me know.

And most importantly, Disco Valante will launch this December! 

Don’t forget to register your email at http://www.discovalante.com to get the latest updates on the launch and details about special promotions.


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